Poms:  A Heartwarming Movie Review

Poms: A Heartwarming 2019 Movie Review

This movie is truly inspiring! It revolves around Martha, an introverted elderly woman diagnosed with ovarian cancer, who sells her house and moves into a retirement home. Initially resistant to making new friends, the warm and friendly women in the retirement home eventually win her over. Despite a rocky start involving a call to security, Martha forms a close-knit group, particularly bonding with Sherly.

The group decides to pursue cheerleading, but they face challenges, including a member breaking her leg, opposition from one of their family members, and the retirement home that voted their cheer group out. Undeterred, they persevere and achieve unexpected success after their routine goes viral. The film, "Poms," delivers a powerful message that it's never too late to pursue dreams, emphasizing the importance of resilience and the value of having an audience, no matter your age.

What sets this movie apart is its relatable characters. Every member of the cast, including the main character, displays behaviors that resonate with all of us.

If you haven't seen "Poms" yet, it's currently available on Netflix. Released in 2019, this American comedy film, directed by Zara Hayes, brings heartwarming moments and a powerful message to the audience. The impressive box office performance, reaching 16.5 million USD, reflects its resonance with viewers.

I hope you enjoy watching "Poms" as much as I did!

I will give this movie a 4.5/5.
Orion and the Dark

"Orion and the Dark" is about a little boy who is afraid of almost everything. He fears the dark, clowns, cell phone waves causing cancer, monsters, haircuts, mosquito bites getting infected, falling off a skyscraper, saying good morning and sounding like Goob dorning!, bees, dogs, and the ocean. He is anxious about being responsible for his team losing and terrified of locker rooms and Richie Panic, who calls him crying Orion. Richie bullies him, taking his art book and turning to a page where he has written all the things he fears, including Richie's name. Just before Richie walks away after bullying him, Orion says thank you to Richie.

He doesn't know why he did that but is quite disappointed in himself for not being able to stand up for himself.

The school had to visit the planetarium, but Richie didn't give his parents his permission slip. He fears being packed inside the school bus alongside his classmates. He is scared the bus might crash, and if they make it to the planetarium, the giant models of the solar system hanging from the ceiling might fall on him.

He really likes Lisa but can't walk up to her. He is afraid that if he goes to the planetarium, sits next to her, and their hands touch, he will have a panic attack and become a running joke around the school. So, he hides his permission slip from his parents. When his teacher asks him, he says his parents won't let him go to the planetarium and that they don't believe in space, but it's all lies.

He is also afraid of coming back home and finding his parents have sold their house and moved while he was at school. His fear is stopping him from doing a lot of things.

His dad finds the permission slip under the couch but he tells his parents he doesn't want to go. That night, his mom checks on him before bedtime. When she finishes, she turns off the light. He jumps from the bed and asks her to read him a bedtime story, but she doesn't have time, so he asks her to leave the door open so that light can come in, which she does.

When she leaves, he inserts different socket lights that blow off due to high voltage, and he panics. Of all the things he is afraid of, he is most afraid of the dark. He covers himself and turns on the flashlight, but it isn't working well. Soon, he starts screaming, "Darkness, why can't you leave me alone?" and darkness visits him.

Dark tells him millions of kids are afraid of him, but he is harmless. Dark doesn't like the way humans think about him. He says everyone is against him. He tells Orion that he is just a regular guy trying to do his job. He says people hate him, but he is just trying to do his job. He wishes people would give him a chance.

Orion feels bad for Dark and starts speaking with him. He tells Dark the list of people who bullied him. Dark wants to help him stop his fears and brings up an idea that will help him appreciate the beauty of the night instead of being terrified all the time. Initially, Orion refuses, but after giving it thought and remembering how he was bullied, he accepts, and Mr. Dark takes Orion for a night ride in the air.

They meet the night entities, and this is when the story becomes even more interesting. One thing is evident: Mr. Dark also has his insecurities, which he has to overcome.

This animation will give you a different way to view things if you fear the dark a lot but the story is a bit confusing.

Initial release: 2 February 2024
Director: Sean Charmatz
Distributed by: Netflix
Based on: Orion and The Dark; by Emma Yarlett
Music by: Robert Lydecker; Kevin Lax
Produced by: Peter McCown

Would you like to know what Boohoo has to offer this Valentine? Chic dresses, stylish lingerie, and accessories are all available for grabs. If you're planning a Valentine's Day date night, this Wishlist has you covered. Dress to impress, and never let all the eyes go away from your outfit. To complete any look, add a pair of statement heels and a clutch. Satin dresses, mesh dresses, and bodycon dresses are all available on BooHoo.

Boohoo Date Night Outfit Wishlist: Dress to Impress

Home décor is super exciting, yet you get confused along the line, especially if you are decorating your home without an interior decorator. At the end of the day, it all depends on you. Which design of chandelier do you like? How do you want your living room to look? You cannot go wrong with these suggestions. This is an old post I republished.

There has been a new twist to interior design, and décor items have evolved with the production of new designs.

Are you still confused about what to wear on Valentine's Day? I know that can feel frustrating sometimes, especially if you are planning on meeting your date for the first time, just starting a fresh relationship, trying to rekindle your love, or being invited to a Valentine's Day party. The urge to impress can be overwhelming, coupled with not wanting to be overly dressed. We can all relate to that feeling, but, as you know, ladies, we got each other back.

All in all, never step out of your budget; you can still look good by putting together what you have. All you need to do is go through these different outfit ideas for Valentine's Day. A dress is always a go-to, but here are other outfit ideas that are perfect to wear on Valentine's Day.

Wear that snake-print dress.

Do you have a snake-print dress sitting pretty in your closet? Well, it is time to bring it out and wear that dress. It is the perfect dress for Valentine. Are you going for a dangerous and poisonous look? That's the way to go. Add a red lipstick and a black heel.

I got this dress from The Lebel, but here is an alternative.

Oversized tees can still do the magic.

 You appear confident and cool, and I don't care. Go for an oversized tee with thigh-high boots. Man, the feeling is mutual. You don't care, and I don't care. This look is a vibe.

I got this oversized tee from Pull and Bear and the thigh boots from Amiclubwear. Shop for the perfect alternative.

Denim is still the main chick.

Denim never goes out of style, and if you just want to give the less is more look with no stress, wear a denim dress.

Blue denim

This denim shirt dress used to be one of my favorites from Sammy Dress. Here is an alternative.

Mix and match that print.

Who made the rules about wearing only red on Valentine's Day? Well, tell them I said we could mix and match prints and still look cute.

The off-shoulder dress, which I styled as a top, is from Sammy Dress, and the skort is from Zaful.

Pink is still a cutie.

You can Barbie anytime and whenever you want. Wear that pink dress; you can add a bit of drama, like my ruffle sleeve. Be the main character.

Pink ruffle sleeve dress

I got this dress from Bellizimos, but here is an alternative.

Give them hot, hot red.

It doesn't have to be a red dress; it can be red. Red crop top and trouser co-ord set. Pepper them, gang. Alexa play red by Tylor Swift.

I got this co-ord set from Rebellious Fashion, but here is an alternative.

A cute, simple yellow dress

Yellow is sometimes underrated. Look how it complimented my skin! I was radiating beauty. Wear that cute little yellow dress. Go for that radiant but glowing look. Add a pair of black heels, but don't forget that a red heel also goes so well with a yellow dress.

I got this dress from VIP Shop, but here are other alternatives.

Party girl, their vibe

Wanna party all night long and be the absolute pretty diva? Go for a strapless corset bodycon mini dress.

 I got my dress from Femme Luxe.

Bring out that little princess tulle.
Every lady deserves the good things of life. She is her daddy's little princess, and you cannot take that away from her. Tulle adds instant cuteness to any loaf. It is the perfect look for Valentine.

Pink cute tulle skirt

I got this tulle skirt from Shein; you can check out this alternative.

Decent but aware

The decent but aware is my go-to look. If you want to keep it minimal, simple, and classy, then go for a plain chiffon flare dress. Let that dress be below your knees, but let that attitude be high above the earth.

I got this dress from Metisuboutique but here is an alternative.

Be the spice in a rustic jumpsuit.

The rustic look is still that look. If you want to be the spice of the day, then wear a rust outfit. It does not matter if the shade is burnt orange, rust, tumeric, or teraccota. girl wears that rustic dress or jumpsuit. Make sure you serve that look. Shake the table.

You called me, so I am here.

You don't want to stress and are not in the mood, but you still want to show up, so go for it. You called me, and now I am here. Wear pants with a cute, vibrant cropped hoodie, but let those heels make the statement.

I got these silver rhinestone-studded lace booties from Pinkbasis, now merged with Amiclubwear.

Let me know which of the titles you are going for this Valentine. Comment the title and why.
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