Parenting involves a lot of responsibility. As parents, we work hard to give our daughters a solid moral foundation. Due to society's harsher perception of black females than of black males, many parents believe that raising young women is more difficult than raising young men. Most black parents believe their daughters should behave modestly and decently, despite what society portrays on social media.

In this article we will discuss 5 Things to Teach Young Black Women Before Adulthood

Avoid having children out of wedlock; in the black community, more than 70% of children are born into households with just one parent. According to statistics, single-parent households have lower incomes, less free time, troubled relationships, and an imbalance of masculine and feminine energy. Parents should instil in their daughters the importance of securing a successful future and not be reliant on their partners.

It is another motivational Friday, and I am super excited to share these eye-opening nuggets that can help you level up to the next height of your life and career. There are lots of words out there but it only takes inner minds to get the best out of each motivational quote you read.

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