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5 Things to Teach Young Black Women Before Adulthood

Parenting involves a lot of responsibility. As parents, we work hard to give our daughters a solid moral foundation. Due to society's harsher perception of black females than of black males, many parents believe that raising young women is more difficult than raising young men. Most black parents believe their daughters should behave modestly and decently, despite what society portrays on social media.

In this article we will discuss 5 Things to Teach Young Black Women Before Adulthood

Avoid having children out of wedlock; in the black community, more than 70% of children are born into households with just one parent. According to statistics, single-parent households have lower incomes, less free time, troubled relationships, and an imbalance of masculine and feminine energy. Parents should instil in their daughters the importance of securing a successful future and not be reliant on their partners.

Self-love: Preventing future self-esteem issues in Black women by teaching them to unconditionally love themselves. Our young women are taught the "European standard of beauty" far too frequently. In an effort to appear "more exotic," some black women turn to skin-lightening procedures, blonde weaves, and plastic surgery. Parents should encourage their girls to love their natural hair and melanin, which comes from God.

Instilling in our young girls the value of respect can be essential to their upbringing. I have seen countless number young women suffer serious injuries for provoking young men, defying authority, and yelling at their peers in a world where social media shows the worst in black people. The value of showing respect cannot be emphasised enough!

Education: A young lady exhibiting ignorance and stupidity is not at all alluring. However, the majority would argue that our children are not being educated adequately under the current system. I think that education opens up opportunities for networking and higher pay. Parents should also instil in their daughters the importance of self-awareness.

Being ladylike – Black women continue to be portrayed negatively in reality television as a result of Americans' growing love for it. The use of television, movies, and social media contributes to the idea that all black women are ghetto, loud, ratchet, and unruly. It is crucial that we instil in our daughters the importance of refraining from "ratchet behaviour," such as gossiping, using foul language, dressing provocatively, and acting aggressively. Parents should keep a close eye on the programmes their daughters are watching as well as their friends.

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