Get your hands on our new artist bag, designed by the internationally renowned illustrator, painter, and visual artist Ruohan Wang.
Apart from exhibitions in museums like the Cheng Art Museum in Beijing, she has released a sneaker with Nike and teaches at the School of Visual Arts in New York.

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"The artwork I designed on the LOQI bag is named Ruohan Wang - Parallel World.
We see ourselves as individuals and we are also the same in the Anthropocene world."

“I have been working on prints and painting, public art and installation, fashion and object. For me, they are different mediums and scales, but the same topic: “Time, Movement and Energy Transformation” in different work areas.”
- Ruohan Wang

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I will always pick baggy or boyfriend Jeans over skinny Jeans. I mean the comfort feels so good. Boyfriend Jeans are a must have, they got the best comfy fit with an ultra relaxed vibe.
By the way I am wearing my Man's Tee from Bershka  and Over-sized denim pant from  Contradenim. It is an under size for him and but over-size for me. My belt did most of the work for the Jeans. I don't think I am returning this pieces back to him.
Over the years I have learnt a lot from blogging and if I have to say, a lot really matters in getting the right audience and traffic to your blog or website. The search engine basics do matter but here are tips that come into play.

I would briefly run down through everything, keep reading.

1) Consistency
Consistency is a thing I would really myself for, staying in the minds of people really helps, post as regular as you can, this is an easy way to grow your traffic and get the right audience to visit your blog.

2) Picture texture
Believe me, if you check some good and known bloggers, they have good pictures. Sometimes the outfit doesn't really look good or flattering but with the use of a good camera they obtain good photos, this gives it a different touch and makes it attractive.

3)Pose and altitude
Your pose in a picture really matters as a fashion blogger, different clothes need different pose style. Holding a cup of coffee, wearing a white shirt and a pair of jeans should feature a different pose from you are wearing a long mermaid dress.

4) Blog Template arrangement
This is very important, the way your template looks really counts, many unnecessary sidebars should be removed as it causes a distraction to the main content. Collaborators also tend to look at how your blog is designed.

How is your summer going? For me its been a super fun summer. Just in case you missed out on our post, about travelling tips here is the link, which is very helpful.

I styled my jumpsuit in three simple ways. While browsing last night, I saw another blogger who also styled it in a different way, which I added. It's a busy day for me, so I'm not going to write much. Tell me, which is your best?

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Loqi Zipper Pocket Bag, which comes in different sizes; full review soon on the blog. 

Have a lovely day.

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