It can be scary to spend time alone with ourselves. Most of us tend to fill our time regularly with things like work, side projects, freelance jobs, hobbies, and, most of the time, other people.

Even though it can be nice to get away from the noise of other people sometimes, it is hard to do this for a long time. We don't mind having our own thoughts, but we don't really want to be alone with them either.

But maybe there is something to how we choose to talk to ourselves when we're by ourselves. When we're with good people, we're usually happy to spend money on things like wine bars, meals out, live music, and movies. All of these things are fun to do by yourself, but we don't want to. So, as payback, here are some tips on how to date yourself.

Make each day feel fresh.

When and where you go on dates with yourself can be hard to figure out. A good way to start can be to do something you do every day in a new place, which gives your routine a new feel. Instead of going to the gym, try working from a new coffee shop, walking around the park without your phone, or cooking a meal at home instead of ordering in.

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