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Vigorous exercise may offer big health benefits.

Have two minutes to work out? Then you have sufficient time to reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer, and potentially premature death, according to a study published online by the European Heart Journal on October 27, 2022.

Researchers examined over 72,000 adults, with an average age of 62, who lacked cardiovascular disease or cancer. The participants wore a wrist-worn activity monitor for one week. The device measured their total activity, vigorous activity, and the frequency of at least two minutes of vigorous activity. (During vigorous exertion, it is typically impossible to speak in complete sentences.)

At the seven-year follow-up, researchers determined that exercising aggressively for a total of 15 minutes per week was related to an 18% decreased risk of death during the study period. At least 19 minutes per week were connected with a 40% lower chance of having heart disease, and 16 minutes per week were associated with a 16% lower risk of acquiring cancer. The risk decreased for all three groups as the weekly amount increased.

However, the manner in which individuals engaged in intensive activities also stood out. Multiple short bouts (about two minutes each) of strenuous movement performed at different times throughout the day may be especially advantageous.

When possible, it is recommended to engage in rigorous exercise. For instance, increase the intensity for a few minutes during your daily stroll or while performing yard work.

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