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“Where do my donations go?” Save the children

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The stakes for children have never been higher—up to 15 million girls and boys will never return to school following the pandemic, more than 700 million children are currently living in countries at the highest risk of suffering the impact of the climate crisis, nearly 200 million children are living in lethal war zones and in rural America, 1 in 5 children are experiencing food insecurity due to poverty.

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Thanks to monthly gifts from our Team Tomorrow members, we’re supporting teen mothers like 16-year-old Mary* in Uganda, who was displaced from her home with her young daughter. Ongoing support from Team Tomorrow members helps Mary access school supplies, safe spaces and nutritious meals. Now, with our support, she brings her daughter to school and is looking ahead toward a brighter future for both her daughter and herself. With the help of your support, Mary, and other children like her now have the tools they need to create better, brighter tomorrows.  JOIN TEAM TOMORROW NOW Thank you for your unending commitment to ensuring children around
 the world grow up healthy, educated and safe. Team Tomorrow

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