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How to style the Szaleo.pl red beret

Beret colors that you will see more of in 2023

I always love wearing berets. I like to look different sometimes; I want my outfit to look a little different than just styling my hair and looking good. A beret does it for me.

Both men and women wear berets. There is no doubt that the beret has existed for a very long time. circular pieces of knitted, woven, or felted fabric, occasionally velvet, are used to create berets, which are fitted to the head with a string, thread band, or leather thong. Ribbons, plumes, pins, tassels, jewelry, precious stones, fabrics, and cords may be used to adorn them.

I remember seeing the singer Rihanna wearing a fanciful beret with a casual outfit, which looked lovely. People style berets with different outfits that suit them, unlike before, when berets were worn only with formal clothes.

Berets are nice accessories that can upgrade your outfits, and since they come in different colors, you can style them just the way you want. One unique feature of a beret is that the way it is placed can determine the look it will give your outfit. So for me, I stay in front of the mirror and play around with shaping it until I get the desired look that suits my look.

What are your thoughts? Do you like wearing berets? I compiled a list of very affordable berets, but you can purchase the beret I am wearing from Szaleo.pl. There are three berets I recommend: the red beret, the burgundy beret, and the red beret with design.  

I have had this beret for more than 2 years, so I can tell you that the quality is good. The beret has stayed the same for years, and each time I wear it, I feel like it's new. There is no itching or odor, as some products are made of wool and, after a while, begin to emit unpleasant odors. There are not many good products that are affordable on the market, so if you want to purchase a beret, I will recommend purchasing from Szaleo.pl.

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  1. You look beautiful in this white dress paired with a red beret!
    I love wearing berets, they are so chic!

    1. Hi Ivana. Thank you so much. Have a lovely week ahead,

  2. I've been loving them lately. I just bought a lime green one and now I want more.

    1. Oh dear, I can not wait to share my next beret with everyone. I am also loving themat the moment. Thank you for stopping by.

  3. You look amazing in this red beret! Love all the similar picks you showed here.


  4. Anonymous1/17/2023

    Wow! You look absolutely stunning in this red beret! The lip color and the all white dress is so beautiful with it.


  5. You look beautiful! The beret really suits you. Berets always remind me of Paris of course. They make a great accessory to finish off an elegant outfit!

    Julia x

  6. Anonymous1/24/2023

    You look stunning my friend. Love it.

  7. So pretty! Love the red beret!

    xx Chelsea


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