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Why You Should Take A Morning Bath

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Taking your bath in the morning has different health benefits which you might be overlooking. Here are reasons why you should have your bath in the morning.

Skin Care Improvements

While it is critical to remove the day's makeup, oil, dirt, and pollutants before bed, if you only cleanse your face and body at night, you are missing a trick. stimulating skin cells in the morning by cleansing and massaging the face with warm water is also critical – especially for oily or acne-prone skin.

Cortisol Levels Are Reduced

Taking a morning bath allows you to meditate and regroup before beginning a hectic day. It is a period of mindfulness that can help maintain healthy cortisol levels – the body's stress hormone.

Our cortisol levels rise naturally in the early hours of the morning, peaking around 8 a.m., in the ideal situation. However, when we are stressed, cortisol levels can spike abnormally high, causing us to wake up before our alarm or to wake up already feeling anxious. Along with attempting to eliminate stressors from your life, a relaxing morning bath may help lower those skyrocketing cortisol levels and help you begin your day in a more relaxed state of mind.

Increased Sleep

While baths have long been touted for their sleep-inducing properties, it turns out that showers may be just as – if not more – beneficial. Our body temperature naturally drops in the evening, signaling that it's time to sleep. By raising our body temperature in the evening with a warm shower or bath (and then allowing it to naturally fall), we can help regulate our circadian rhythm.

Enhanced Creativity

Taking showers and baths has been shown to increase one's ability to think creatively.

Blood circulation

Showering in the morning improves blood circulation. Your blood rushes to the surface of your skin as a result of the running water. Blood circulation is critical to our health. Proper blood circulation aids in the distribution of nutrients throughout your body.

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