Sunday, December 19

Healthy meals for 2022 (Meal of the Month)

Meal of the month

Rather than focusing on specific meal categories this year, we're offering supper suggestions that adhere to heart-healthy recommendations. The emphasis will be on simple, plant-based recipes, though a few will incorporate fish or modest amounts of poultry. Additionally, we will highlight popular or signature meals from across the United States, ranging from the Pacific Northwest to the Florida Keys.

The meals will adhere to Harvard University's Healthy Eating Plate recommendations, which include the following:

Half of your plate should be vegetables and fruits, with an emphasis on variety. Potatoes and french fries do not qualify as a carbohydrate.
Choose whole grains over processed white flour products.
Choose protein-rich foods such as beans, lentils, nuts, fish, and chicken. Red and processed meats should be avoided.
Consume no more than one to two servings of dairy every day.
Utilize unsaturated oils such as olive and canola to maintain a healthy diet.

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