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20 Practical ways to improve your sex life.

There are several things you can do to get your sex life back on track, regardless of how big or tiny the problem is. Your sexual health is intertwined with your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Communicating with your partner, leading a healthy lifestyle, utilizing some of the many good self-help books available, and simply having fun can all help you get through difficult times.

Sexual disorders can now be treated more easily than ever before. If you need it, revolutionary drugs and skilled sex therapists are available. However, by making a few changes to your lovemaking method, you may be able to resolve minor sexual troubles.

Your sexuality is influenced by the physical changes that occur in your body as you grow older. Sexual difficulties such as erectile dysfunction or vaginal pain can be caused by declining hormone levels and changes in neurological and circulatory functioning.

As a result of these physical changes, the intensity of adolescent sex might sometimes give way to more subdued responses in middle and later age. However, the emotional repercussions of maturity — increased confidence, improved communication skills, and lowered inhibitions — can contribute to a more nuanced, rewarding sexual encounter. Many people, however, do not appreciate the full possibilities of later-life sex. You can better handle challenges if they emerge if you understand the critical physical and emotional factors that underpin satisfying sex.

Here are a few ideas for things you can do to improve your sex life.

1. Touching is a good thing to do. 

Sex therapists utilize sensate focus strategies to help you re-establish physical connection without feeling rushed. Variations of these exercises can be found in a variety of self-help books and educational films. You might also ask your lover to touch you in the way he or she prefers to be touched. This can help you choose how much pressure to apply, ranging from gentle to firm.

2. For Better Sex, Don't Forget to Use Lubricants.

Make no attempt to conceal your desire for lubricant from your spouse. Make it a regular part of your sexual practice and enjoy it. According to gynaecologists, adding lubrication to sex can make it more delightful by reducing friction and irritation, as well as discomfort. You can use a household oil like coconut oil or get an official lubricant from a drugstore. (If you're doing it yourself, make sure you use a nonlatex condom because these oils might damage latex.)

3. Make it a priority to get in the mood for sex.

It's not always necessary to free your calendar to have more and better sex. “It's difficult to be in the mood when you have a long list of things to accomplish and little time to do them.

4. It may seem unromantic to schedule sex, but you put most of your essential plans in your calendar, so why not have sex? Instead of jumping right into bed, it's important to arrange enough time to do something calming beforehand, because women, in particular, need to be relaxed before their libido kicks in.

5. Continue to show physical affection. 

Kissing and cuddling are vital for sustaining an emotional and physical link, even if you're fatigued, tense, or unhappy about the problem.

6. Make a list of your fantasies.

This exercise might help you think about what hobbies you or your spouse would find appealing. Consider an experience or a movie that has piqued your interest, and then tell your partner about it. This is especially beneficial for those who have a low desire.

7. Improve Your Sex Life by Moving Your Body.

You may not believe that exercising your heart and muscles is vital for excellent sex, but keep in mind that blood goes to your genitals just as much as it does to your heart.

8. Relax as much as possible.

 Before you have sex, do something relaxing together, such as play a game or go out for a nice supper. Alternatively, try relaxing techniques such as yoga or deep breathing exercises.

9. Make use of a vibrator. 

This device can assist a lady in understanding her own sexual response and allowing her to demonstrate her preferences to her partner.

10. Make an effort to educate oneself.

For any form of sexual problem, there is a wealth of good self-help material. Select a few materials that apply to you from the Internet or your local bookshop, and utilize them to assist you and your partner become more knowledgeable about the situation. If speaking directly is difficult, you and your companion can highlight passages that you both enjoy and display them to each other.

11. In a new approach, liberate your body's energy.

“Once you confirm your connection with your own body, you can affirm your relationship with your partner's body,” according to one study, which revealed that persons who were married but not sexually active were more likely to feel depressed and unattractive. Find new ways to move and feel comfortable in your body to reclaim your sexual power.

12. A new experience will re-ignite your dopamine.

Doing something new brings a sense of intimacy and bonding. Think outside the box and participate in an activity that might scare or excite you, such as a theme park ride or an escape room. According to experts, the brain chemicals dopamine and other chemicals are directly linked to physical attraction and romantic passion, which is why bonding over a new hobby together could help trigger arousal.

13. For Better Sex, Work on Your Mind and Pay Attention to Your Thoughts.

It's time to stop your brain from running a feedback loop of justifications you've picked up along the way — about how you should feel guilty about sex or maybe that your body is too large or unattractive or, well, whatever — Recognize the thought as soon as it arises and replaces it with a more beneficial one.

14. Experiment with different positions. 

Developing a repertory of diverse sexual positions might help you overcome challenges as well as add intrigue to your lovemaking. When a guy enters his partner from behind, for example, the increased stimulation to the G-spot can assist the woman in reaching orgasm.

15. Take a sex lesson and practice over the weekend.

Megatron argues that taking a couples' sex class can open up a whole new world of sex play. It's as simple as going to Eventbrite or Facebook to find a one-night sex lesson. Couples can learn about new sex positions, techniques, and sex toys and props in a joyful, non-threatening learning setting.

16. To Have Good Sex, Get Enough Sleep.

Another lifestyle aspect that affects libido is sleep. One reason is that hormone secretion is regulated by the body's internal clock, and sleep patterns are thought to aid the body in determining when to release sex-related hormones. Feeling weary when you get into bed, whether you're a man or a woman, zaps any libido you may have had just moments before.

17. Relax and unwind with a sexy film.

Seeing a movie together with your partner can boost your sex life. A movie that deals with family and couple issues and plays such as this new series on Netflix titled sex/life.

18. Give romantic gifts.

Letters, flowers, teddies, chocolate, jewellery, are still magical gifts to gift your partner to show them how special they are and will ever be to you. Gifting is a timeless act.

19. Suspense.

Keeping the mind of your partner in suspense with a new act or romantic behaviour can help improve your sex life.

20. Don't give up.
 Don't give up if none of your efforts seems to be working. Your doctor can usually figure out what's causing your sexual problem and suggest treatment options. He or she can also refer you to a sex therapist who can help you work through difficulties that are preventing you from having a satisfying sexual life.

Pressurizing your partner isn't the best idea, because the truth is you can never have it all, so work towards creating a great, comfortable, satisfying and memorable sex life.

No content on this site, regardless of date, should be used to replace direct medical advice from your doctor or another trained practitioner.


No content on this site, regardless of date, should be used to replace direct medical advice from your doctor or another trained practitioner.
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