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How to style a wrap snake print dress: Overcome ophidiophobia, the fear of snakes.

There are different ways to style snake prints. You must have seen celebrities like Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj and lots more wearing a snake print design, either in a music video or in a public appearance. Snake print got really trendy and every IT girl and fashionista enjoyed styling it except me because I get easily irritated by a snake. The imagination of a snake close to my skin keeps coming to my mind each time I see snake print fabric. I decided to overcome my fear and phobia and look how flawlessly sexy I look wearing a snake print.  

How to overcome the fear of snakes (ophiophobia).

Ophidiophobia, or ophiophobia, is a phobia which relates to the fear of snakes. It is said to be abnormal but I think no one wants a snake around him or her. I will like to say that this is not as easy as I make it seem. I still have a very strong phobia I am battling with but I had to overcome it just because I wanted to try out the snake print trend. Aminals prints such as zebra print, leopard and fish prints do not affect me so I was super excited to always wear them.

Each time I see the picture snakes on the internet the mood changes, I get so irritated and disgusted, fear comes in, I start imagining things. I had to overcome my fears because I really wanted to feature styling tips on how to wear snake print.

1. It is all about you, only you can decide how this can work with your mind. Be in control of your thoughts.

2. It's all in your mind. Our weak thoughts are developed when we allow a weak flow towards a particular subject. Try to channel your thoughts into the stronger part when you start thinking about snakes.

3. Don't over think it. In as much as we can not control some thoughts but we can kill thoughts and control them in a way. Do not let these thought grow. They grow and you keep imagining the deadly things snakes can do. Keep your mind free and clean from those thoughts.

4. Try to Speak to yourself. Step on it in your head, it is only a print.

5. Try to feel it more often to keep you aware that it's just a piece of fabric and that's what it will be.

How to style snake print
Styling snake print is very easy because it is already a detailed fabric, tho you can easily go wrong with it. Here are 5 tips to keep in mind when styling snake print. This applies to all animal prints.

1. Keep your accessories simple.

2. Burgundy color suits snake print. Add a touch of burgundy, it is never a bad idea.
3. A black bag is always a perfect idea.

4. Stilettos make you look sexier, simple and effortless.

5 Show some skin.

7. Cow prints match with snake prints. Both stand out giving a more artistic view and style statement.

6. Your pose and attitude when wearing snake print matters. It is a bold print so if you go bold, be ready to put on a bold and fierce attitude. 

Outfit details
Buy the fakoi snakeskin wrap dress Jessicabuurman.

Cow print poetic dalmatian fashion sunglasses by giant vintage also styled here.
 Buy by clicking the sunglasses.

Burgundy Jojo wine sunglasses by Giant vintage

Where to buy: Dark burgundy lipstick suggestions. 
I wearing the Nubia shade by Ewabyaraphat. You can also wear the Naomi shade, different shades but very close. The matte is subtle and lasts long. No feeling of wearing lipstick. 

Black Stilettos strap heel sandals from Pinkbasis.com.



  1. Oh my this dress is a stunner and looks AMAZING on you! Yes when wearing head to toe snakeskin print it best to keep everything else simple. The basic black strappy sandals are a perfect choice.

    Allie of

    1. You are right, Thank you so much for stopping by.

  2. love this snake print maxi dress on you.
    You look fantastic!!!!!!!


  3. That is such a brave attitude to overcome fear. This snake print wrap dress suits you so well.


  4. You look amazing hun!


  5. Looking so fab here, doll!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  6. Wow you look fantastic in this dress!! love the sunnies too xx
    Much Love
    Elegant Duchess xx

  7. I have been obsessed with snakeprint for quite some time now. You look amazing in the wrap dress and your poses are amazing.

  8. You certainly look amazing in snake print! Thanks for the great tips.

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

  9. You look like a boss in this snake print dress.


  10. Girl, I also have the same fear as you do and all i can say is you are brave.

    Bernie, xx

    The Style Fanatic

  11. This dress is incredible! Snakeskin is one of my favorite prints. Thanks for sharing these tips!


  12. Hello hottie! <3


  13. Melody, this dress is sexy! You look amazing. I am so glad that you were able to overcome your phobia and style this fabulous dress. The cow print sunglasses are so much fun, too. Thanks for joining my link party!



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