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4 Tips On How to Travel with Style : CABINZERO

Summer is here and with it comes the joy of traveling abroad for a long vacation. Most men have it simple, they just need to pack a few shirts, trousers, shorts and an extra pair of shoes. However, while most women look forward to hitting the beach and exploring new places, they can’t help worrying about packing all the clothes they will need for the trip. The idea of trying to manage countless outfits and accessories for a single trip can seem intimidating and can sour your mood before a trip. If you are worried about packing for your trip, don’t sweat it. This article has you covered for the summer. Here are 4 tips that will make it easy for you to look stylish and chic while you enjoy your summer trip:

Don’t forget your makeup: If you usually wear makeup, do bring some on your trip. You don’t need to go all out, just stick to the basics. Instead of wasting space bringing an elaborate contour kit or eye shadow palette. Bring a few tubes of lipstick or lip-gloss, some bronzer, liner and mascara. Remember to bring plenty of sunscreen and enough lotion to keep your skin moisturized for the duration of your trip.
Don’t fuss about your hair: It’s a good idea to keep your beauty routine short and sweet when you are on holiday. The same principle applies to your hair. Bring tiny, travel-sized containers for your shampoo, conditioner and other styling products. You can also find travel-sized versions for most perfumes, lotions and even soaps. Also, there are mini styling devices that perfect for travelling. You can find mini curlers or straighteners that won’t take up much space in your luggage. If you have short hair, just let it air dry, instead of bringing a dryer with you. It’s also important to keep things simple, so stick to ponytails, braids and buns for fuss-free, low maintenance hairstyles.

Double duty shoes are a must: When packing for your holiday, it is important to make sure that your shoes are comfortable. They should be easy to walk in and they definitely shouldn’t be painful, nor should they leave blisters on your feet. If you’re confused about what shoes to take with you, stick to three pairs: sneakers, sturdy sandals and heels. Your heels should be easy to walk in (stilettos don’t count). You can also add a pair of sturdy flats if you don’t wear sneakers. There are plenty of flats and sandals with beads, stones, shimmer and other cool elements that can be worn with a number of different outfits. Buy long lasting, high quality shoes that you can continue wearing throughout your trip.

Think outside the box: You can make things much easier for yourself by just buying things locally. For instance, countries in the Middle East, Asia and Central America have plenty of jewelry stores. You can buy a number of unique and gorgeous accessories such as beaded jewelry, bangles and wooden bracelets from a number of different holiday destinations. You will help local businesses this way and bring home some wonderful souvenirs once your trip is over.

The same idea applies to clothes. Pack a few comfortable clothes you love. Buy the rest from local markets. Most of the clothes found in Asia and Africa are cheap, pretty and colorful. You will have a great time wearing them on your holiday and can even take them home. If you are going abroad with your family or a group of friends, just share your clothes among yourselves if you wear similar sizes. Even if your sizes differ, you can still share accessories, scarves, makeup and toiletries. You can even make use of shampoos and soaps provided by your hotel.In case you’re traveling with kids, it’s very important that you do a little research about the location so you know what to pack for them. Lastly, pack all your things in a large bag or suitcase with a sturdy zipper. You should also have a large carry-on to bring all your essentials and souvenirs back home.This can be made possible with the The 'Classic' ultra-light cabin and travel bag in Urban Camo features large 44 litre capacity, side compression straps, top and side handles, front zipped pocket, inside zipped and mesh pockets. Classic 44L - Ultra light Cabin Bag - Urban Camo is perfect for a summer trip. Easy to hold, stylish and has a large space for a light travel.
This bag Is much cooler than the proper military Camouflage prints. One of our most popular lines of CabinZero.
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To wrap things up, you can look stylish on your holidays without taking your entire wardrobe with you. It is important to pack light and bring only the necessary essentials. Once you have all your bases covered, you can spend more time enjoying your trip and making memories that will last you a lifetime!
By Isabele Hernandez.

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