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End of hunger strike! Eat what you want and still lose weight.

Antioxidants are of different types. These natural substances slow down the aging process of our body. They are also one of the most important components of the diet OXY. Their function is to prevent any damage to the cells that cause free radicals. Antioxidants have a significant impact on the inhibition of aging processes.
4 stages in Diet OXY+ Stabilization
OXY Diet consists of four stages. Each of them takes exactly a week. You reach your weight loss goal!

Introduction to the diets that will prepare your body for effective weight loss. During this week, you get rid of the lingering toxins in the body, thereby improving the condition of skin, hair and nails.

2Fat Burning
It's a week of extremely rapid fat burning, intense stimulation occurs because your metabolism. This stage is a food rich in protein - in a safe and healthy for your body proportions!
In your menu appears greater amounts of vegetable protein, and metabolism is working at top speed. At this stage further you get rid of unnecessary weight or record their current results.

In the fourth week, the ratio of carbohydrate, fat and protein in the diet are compensated, and you still lose the weight! At this stage gradually we have been introducing new products - here even something sweet!

of stabilization that is output from your diet
Your efforts can not go to waste! Therefore, any good slimming diet must contain a lead-out phase. Thanks to your body safely return to "normal" eating - so as not to put off the increased calorie as fat! Stabilization better protect you against the effects of yo-yo.

Purchase Oxy.

OXY Shake protects your body while using protein diets OXY.
Diet is the foundation of OXY cranberry Shake. This solution enabled primarily to eliminate the side effects that have been reported by people using traditional protein diet. Shake helps in cleansing the body of toxic metabolic products. OXY contains cranberries and fiber which  gives surprising results.
Oxy Shake appears in your daily menu Fat Burning phase.
To start enjoying a daily your diet. End of the hunger strike! Eat what you want. They have already lost weight with diet OXY!

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