Monday, June 6


I actually needed to rest and relax my head, and the river side is never a bad idea, always fresh, relaxing, accepts everyone.
I wore my cardigan from... just in case it gets cold, the weather here can never be trusted. It is a finely knitted cardigan with two side pockets and a long length.
One thing to look out for when shopping online is the shipping duration, Propertyof  has one of the best shipping time, this bag came in 5 days and was well package, inside a black pack, opening it felt so good. Immediately i felt the texture of the material used in making the bag, i smiled because i knew is on the high side. Better to buy one good one than 5 fake, hope you can relate.

 You have nothing to worry about, Propertyof  has all you need for your most comfortable travel and holiday style. When you have the right bag, it is very easy to plan and carry along the right things. There so many reasons why i will recommend this  Mitch backpack which is one of the Amsterdam series collections. Getting a nice all purpose bag is a wise thing to do, you are always set and ready to go.

Unique features of this all purpose bag
1. Style : If you want to be stylish and roll with the latest backpack trend that wont go out of style anytime soon, then this is a very good one to invest in. It has an adjustable role down style, when you have much to put in your bag you role up and the other way round. I get lots of good compliments about my bag.

2. Durability : Quality always before quantity, the material is a very good one, the fabric has a padded compartment for your laptop.

3. Color: (Army Green) is one of the most popular colors for any fashionable person to own. It is unique and stands for strength.
4. The design of this bag, is not just stylish but helps to protect you items from getting misplaced or stolen. There is a pocket in this bag which lies directly on your bag preventing any form of theft. The side pocket is placed in a way that any little touch on your bag you feel it. Besides, the original leather buckle style is really lovely, it allows you to reduce or increases the bag space depending on the size of your luggage. The hands are full and adjustable reducing long time shoulder pain.

5. Customization : Propertyof cares so much about your well being, and in order to prevent total lose of your bag and reference, a leather is customized with four letters of your name. A space has been made available to fix in the leather.
6) Extra Creativity: Good to know that i cant go thru the stress of always looking for my bag in the dark, it reflects (reflective body fabric) and to get this reflection better, use a night flash and enjoy the luxury of your bag.

Do you wanna join the team? of course you do, head over to Propertyof.com and get the new minimum backpacks, a backpack among-st backpacks.
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