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Picking the perfect dress is half a battle, and getting the right accessory is another style war. Wearing a backless dress can be so discouraging sometimes due to the the lack of support to the breast.
There is always an option of going bra-less just like i did, wearing this Blue pearl-trimmed neck backless pleated dress from Shein, which is playful, comfortable and well accessorized. The pearls are well attached to the dress. I styled my dress wearing a Red suede fringe peep toe sandals from my favorite footwear online store Casnaboty. If you are wondering what style of red shoes to purchase this is a nice choice to make, it practically would go with lots of outfits, and it is very comfortable which is the number one thing to look out for before purchasing any footwear.

Before wearing a backless dress, there are certain things you need to put in place and also consider, which are things like your skin color, breast size, shoulder shape, hair style, back curve and line. Basically, I will be listing simple tips and what can help you with wearing a backless dress.
1) Care for your back
Exfoliate the skin on your back to remove dead skin to give your back a brilliant glow.

Minimize your accessories because too many accessories takes the attention away from the main focus.

3)Hair (wear your hair up)
A pin up hair style is perfect as it doesn't cover your back or you can let down your hair partially.

4)Posture and pictures
While taking pictures with a backless dress, a good posture is needed. Keep your head  high, chest out, When standing or sitting stay upright.

5)Bra (breast tips)
*Breast tape: You can tape your breast horizontally or vertically, this reduces movement,flattens your breast and gives cleavage. You can also tape your nipple cover to your breast.
*Sew supportive cups to your dress
*Body adhesive
*Low back bra: This depends on the length of the back cut.
*Use silicon gel pastels: People with small breast can easily go without wearing bra,but a silicon  gel pastels gives its a more curvy look and prevents your nipple from showing off. It is worn my sticking it over your nipple.

6 Skin blemishes 
conceal all blemishes on your back, that you do not feel comfortable with, a wide variety of makeup is available for this purpose (tip: Chioma Amadi)
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