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Over the years one thing that has kept me going is God and self confidence. I grew up in a large family, But something was very peculiar about how My parents had the habit of complimenting us. My mum especially always told me i had a lovely smile, she speaks like its the best smile she has ever seen, She appreciated us so much and that boosted our confidence. That helped me a lot, in my everyday life and interaction with people.

Gaining self confidence is really important and can not be over emphasized, especially in 2016 where everyone leave by what they see.
So many people have issue with accepting themselves, this results in unhappiness and low self esteem. So many cases has to do with body size, family background and the friends they keep. 
In the case of body size, if you can not change it then embrace it. Stop trying to be like another other people, love yourself dearly, appreciate who God has made you and what he has given you. 

Think positively of yourself, replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Stay away from any company that makes feels like you are trying to fit in.
Dress nicely, because if you dress nicely you feel presentable and good about yourself. You do not necessarily have to be wearing a very expensive outfit, just look presentable.

 Learn about yourself, stop going on the internet to learn about other peoples lifestyle, no one can be you, know your limitations and work on them. 
Talk with yourself, be your best friend before looking for someone else. Do not make anyone your solid rock apart from God, stop making people God in your life, try to be independent at all cost.
Learn to speak out, express yourself and  Pray more.
Thank you so much for reading, I hope you gained something  or got refreshed? 
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Outfit details
Shoes ; Casnaboty
You all know i love casnaboty shoes, very comfortable and durable. Get spring/summer shoes now. #casnaboty

Flare pant: Zaful also styled here
Top : s.Oliver
Glasses : Giant vintage
Dress shirt as mono : Banggood also styled here  

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