It is crazy but we are still celebrating events virtually 2021. We had a Christmas virtual celebration and Valentine is almost here and we are to also keep social distancing and try as much as we can to protect ourselves from any form of illness. If you are aware that the vaccine is not available in every country, avoiding large gatherings is still advised. 

Not everyone is with their loved ones, family, and friends in the same location. Some are ill with the virus and distancing is more important. No matter what the reason is why you can't be so close to your loved ones physically, you can still celebrate Valentine virtually with your loved one or with a group of people.  Love can be expressed from any location.

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1. Making a donation together.

Sharing love should extend to others.8.

2. Question and answer session.

You can ask questions, this should be fun.

3. Cake baking and cooking together.

This is so much fun. Baking together your favorite cake from scratch.

This has been the most challenging winter season for me because I went out a lot. Even tho the winter season is not yet over I am overly looking forward to the end of this winter season. The weather over here in Ukraine seems to be more aggressively cold this period. I have exposed myself so much in the cold and I started feeling sick. I was running temperature at night but after various tests everything was ok. I was just stressed from the project I was handling. 

Keeping warm is so important to be very important because the cold weather can affect your body's ability to fight against infections and viruses. Wearing warm clothes is the best start to protecting your body. Stay within a warm environment and also eating the right meals

Shopping for winter can be a bit taxing but we can opt-out of th normal black and grey winter wears to adding colors to our winter wardrobe. Staying warm and stylish is the goal. Purchase as many long sleeves as you can, they serve the purpose of coverage, layer up, and stay warm.

Sweaters are the best garments to keep you warm in the cold season. Purchase varieties of winter knits wear from Noracora. This multicolor color stripe long sleeve casual knit pullover sweater is affordable and available in different colors. 

There are other sweater designs and styles you can pick from such as V-neck crew long sleeve sweater, Vneck floral sweater, loose fit women sweater, cotton-blend vintage sweater, tribal cowl neck sweater, solid lace sweater, plus size knitted wear, and much more.

A toxic person is anyone whose behavior stresses you out, brings along negative vibes, and leaves you angry with wondering thoughts. Toxicity in people most times is not considered a mental disorder but there could be a personality disorder and underlying mental problems that cause someone to act in toxic ways.

Not a lot of people get to realize when they are breeding toxic people around them. Toxic people are difficult and cause a lot of conflicts anywhere they go. These people can create lots of stress and unpleasantness for you and others, coupled with emotional and physical trauma.

Many times, people who are toxic are dealing with their own stresses, traumas, or pain. To do this, they act in ways that don't present them in the best light and usually upset people around them. If you have a close friend who you are yet to understand why you feel a certain way or become really sad when they are around you or after they leave you might be dealing with a toxic friend.

There are toxic signs to watch out for when you start feeling unease around certain people. Protecting your mental space, peace of mind and stability should be your utmost priority. 

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We often only think about self-harm when it comes to the physical, but the ways that we speak to ourselves, silence ourselves, isolate ourselves can also cause us harm. Emotional self-harm can be just as dangerous and detrimental as physical self-harm. If you are struggling with emotional self-harming patterns, there is nothing to be ashamed of. You deserve to feel your feelings and get support without shame or punishment.

Here are 9 signs of emotional self-harm you should not ignore.

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