Maxi dresses are for summer because they are airy and free. If you want to step up a maxi dress and look extra, then there are different ways in which that can be done. These are simple tips that actually depend on the type of maxi dress and the design of the maxi dress you are wearing. If the maxi dress is plain and extra simple, then you might not look as extra as I do, but nevertheless, it will definitely look better.

This multicolored printed Plunging Neck Party Floral Paneled Pleated Maxi Dress felt like a dream when you wore it. I was all over the place, I needed more people to see my dress, so I went to the city center for a mini walk after taking these photos. The designer being fantasyou did an excellent job by mixing floral and leaf prints with plain fabric. I wanted to look a little extra so I added some accessories that gave my outfit not just a vacation feel, but a look of the sexy modern woman.

We all have summer accessories that have been on replay. I have been wearing straw hats and dad hats since the beginning of summer because these hats happen to fit with almost every dress I wear and I just go with the vibe. Besides, it's summer and a girl needs to have fun. Straw hats are available for purchase at Szaleopl. This sunglass has a two- color tone design, black, and white. I have different sunglasses but most of them are just one color tone. This sunglass features a two-structure design, rectangular top edge, and round part end structure. Check out the styling of the sunglasses here and hereI wore a beautiful flat sandal with shiny studded details. 

1. Wear a wristwatch, it totally enhances your look.

2. Wear a necklace. You look a little extra.

3. Add a Panama straw hat.

4. Wear black sandals, it gives your dress a room to shine.

5. Go for a business style, big office handbags gives you an upgraded look.

6. Go for two-toned color sunglasses or a vintage sunglasses style.

7. Put on a statement earring (Depending on the print on the dress).

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Life is full of deep questions that are yet to be answered. Why do we do the things we do, knowing that they are capable of making or destroying us. Sometimes it not about the act, it is about the mind, it plays us, it's like a team of people at a football field looking for the best way to conquer and be victorious, but solving and planning the victory gets complicated and only the strong can sail through.

Life sometimes pushes us to a state of imbalance, how do you explain touching fire without getting burnt. Our decisions are open to where we go, who we hang out with, what we think about and what we live for. Let it be meaningful, fulfilling and approachable. Something you will be able to be proud of, so at the end of the day, you can stand high and say yes I did it no matter what came my way.

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Travel is a lifestyle. So many people enjoy traveling but at the end of the day what makes traveling powerful are the different things and reasons it fulfills in the life of everyone. This is to say that people travel for different reasons and here the most outstanding reasons why people travel.

To find yourself
Finding yourself is very important in life. It takes you through a process of discovering and rediscovering yourself. It puts your life together and fixes those puzzles which needed to be fixed.

To get inspired
People get inspired by different things, for some its the big city, the architectural view, nature,  people, while for some it's culture. A writer feeds on natures view to get inspired, a storyteller travels to different places to meet people, get to know them, sometimes to draw a conclusion on a storyline or to write a new story, whatever inspires you is valued and travel can play a great role in directing you towards getting inspired.

Medical reasons
In as much as every country is supposed to make provision for adequate and standard healthcare system for the assessment of its citizens but it is so unfortunate that some countries have failed in that aspect. Certain medical facilities can be found in countries like India and the USA and so people travel to get the best health services. 

To run away from crime
Well, this might seem a little out of context but this is another reason why people travel. When a crime is committed the police goes after the offender depending on the case. Some offenders travel to allow things to die down a bit before coming back into the country, some never come back.

To study
Very common, people travel to another city or country to acquire knowledge. 

To find love
Some people are disappointed about the way love has treated them in the past and so they go on an adventure to find love in an unknown destination where no one knows them.

For work purpose
In as much as you prefer to work in your country, some don't and it's not because of the bad pay but because they want to experience what it feels like working for a different set of people or how to work for a different set of people. 

To experience a new culture 
When you travel outside your country or state you experience a new culture. We are all different in a unique way so is our culture. Travel allows you to experience the dance, music, fashion, food, and lifestyle of other people. 

Meet people new people
Are you bad at making friends? well, travel gives you a room to improve on that. You get to meet new people, some walk up to you, while some just happen to need directions explained. We meet people in different ways and travel is a doorway to that. You make new friends and even get a good travel partner in the process to explore the world with you.

Honestly, I do not get the focus of this movie, it is just like any other English love story movie. Gosh, I almost got angry after watching the movie. Nice video quality, good actors and actresses but the storyline was pointing towards nothing special. Of course, it's showing on hallmark so you know what is it. I can't even deal.

The summary of the movie is, she grew up around an island (Seaside of Willow Bay) and she always goes there to take photos, relax and do some findings. One day she met a guy and as usual, they bumped into each other while walking and she got angry, walked away after the rang, leaving her note behind because it fell off from her after they mistakenly bumped into each other. There was a wedding and they both attended the same wedding, her ex-boyfriend was there with his new girlfriend, blah blah blah and she kicked off things with this new guy and yes they fell in love. Of course, they have to its normal in every movie, they sailed together and had dinner so they kissed and yeah she found him and he found her. Besides she is biology a teacher. it's either a teacher, sell's girls, or a girl who is not so outgoing or doesn't socialize so much. Sick and tired of love stories because they point end up with the same vibe at the end of the day.

Holipark 2019 is one of the most popular events held at maxim gorky park Kharkov Ukraine. I almost missed this one. I wanted to experience the cultural blends of different countries coming together to celebrate using colors as a means of communication. I captured some lovely moments and beautiful people. The event usually begins at 12:00pm with different performances from the Indians and other dance groups. By 1:00 pm the festival of color is opened and the color splash begins. I actually went a bit late because I found out about it today.

Kyiv Day or officially the Day of Kyiv (Ukrainian: День Києва); is a holiday in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv usually celebrated in the last weekend of May. Kiev Day is not a public holiday. It falls on Sunday, 26 May 2019 and most businesses follow regular Sunday opening hours in Ukraine.

What Do People Do?
The city of Kiev celebrates Kiev Day by hosting activities and events such as:
Street and outdoor performances by various entertainers.
Cultural exhibitions.
Sporting activities such as marathons and charity runs.
Fashion shows.
Open-air music concerts.
Firework displays.
The Kiev Day celebrations take place on the Saturday and Sunday during the last weekend in May. 
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