Coffee for some people is a day starter pack, while some have coffee based business shops where they sell coffee. Whichever is your part, a coffee lover or a coffee maker you should know how to make coffee and enjoy it to your taste? I like a good and delicious well-made cup of coffee. People make coffee in different ways, but locally made coffee to me is the best because of its little burnt smell mixed with the firewood smoke. The aroma is everywhere and all you can think of at that moment is coffee. Well, this also depends on the kind of coffee you use. We all know top coffee beans can be gotten from Africa and brands such as Jacobs monarch is a top notch.

Make coffee without a coffee maker.
Boil water.
Put 2-3 spoons of coffee into a coffee mug.
Dissolve the coffee with hot water using a teaspoon to stir.
Allow the coffee to settle below the mug, then carefully pour the water out into another mug.
Add Sugar, milk or cream if you're not a fan of black coffee.
Stir your coffee and serve it.

Ice cream flavors to try in summer 2019.

Ice cream is a creamy delight that is made with the perfect mixture of milk, cream, sugar, and other flavoring ingredients.
Do you like ice cream, how do you like your ice cream? Well, I will be sharing with you all a list of ingredients I add to my ice cream to make it tastier.

1. I go to the store and I purchase 1000 gram of ice cream, I prefer chocolate flavor so most times I always get the light chocolate flavor.
If you live in America or you watch paternity court, divorce court or couples court then you will understand what I mean by black Americans and facebook.
Allow me to air my observation please, Black Americans misuse facebook. Facebook is a social media platform which has its negative and positive effect which depends on how we use it.

Watching these programs and listening to a lot of stories and how much impact Facebook has on relationships and families is alarming. Some Black Americans basically put out everything about their lives on Facebook. You talk about how a man or a woman met the person who broke their home or relationship the answer is always '' we met on Facebook''. Issues such as she didn't tag me and he didn't comment on the picture I posted comes up when watching these tv shows and I keep wondering why grown-ups can't control how they use a social platform?.

A hug is a powerful tool to a stormy situation, a hug shows support, hope, and togetherness. Nothing in this world could be more comforting than being enveloped in a warm hug after a hard day’s work. The hug we receive from our loved ones could bring happy memories. This is one of the best things that we could give to the people we love, and it can be given anytime, anywhere, and for free.

 Melody Jacob

Miss Africa Ukraine 2019 is a beauty pageant organization aimed at defining, promoting, and developing the African beauty. Our mission is to unite Africans in Ukraine as well as present awards yearly to outstanding African students in different spheres of influence in Ukraine.


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