Quote 1: When you walk in dark foggy road, don't stop keeping walking you will find your destination.

Quote 2: Elegance is not what you wear but what you carry.

Quote 3: Never let your dignity bow in front of the ignorance, the only important is being is you. It's not selfish but called "self love."

Quote 4: When you feel broken and lost, all you need is that last hope all will be fine.

I know this might sound weird but hey we get addicted to things in which we do for a long time and stopping it can be very difficult. I am so worried about myself and the act of always rubbing my eyes. It slows my work performance and makes my eye itch. Why do it if you experience all this, I ask myself? well that is why I am here, to seek help and share with you all.
Growing up, sipping Lipton tea was a morning ritual, similar to waking up and having a cup of coffee. My mom usually adds milk to our tea because she believes that doing so provides an additional creamy flavour. I chose to travel to Europe and have tried several tea brands, and yellow label Lipton tea is the only one that is superior. I understand that my statement might not be popular, but it is something I believe must be spoken. Lipton tea is one of the most well-known brands of tea in the world. The brand is owned by Unilever, which produces it using the best tea leaves, and it is delicious and natural-tasting. The store offers a variety of items, such as black tea, flavoured tea, hot tea, iced tea.

Matcha green tea and mint, green iced tea citrus, berry hibiscus, and black iced tea peach are some of their unique offerings. It is at the top of the list of tea manufacturers in the world because it produces a variety of tea and taste goods.
I want to start by thanking God, but secondly I want to thank myself for never giving up. I will also like to thank myself for staying through to myself even in hard and difficult times.
Who I am today is because of me, I had to give up so many things to get to this point. I am thanking myself for coming this far and for the journey ahead.

Take time out to thank and appreciate yourself. Think about it, you have been through alot, you have overcome and you are still working towards greater goals. If there is nothing to inspire you today, at the moment, then let you inspire you.
Lastly, I want to thank me for being me.
How to Mix blue prints and plaid.

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Work outfits doesn't have to look too serious you can switch from time to time. In as much as work can be so tasking, one way to stay happy loving your job and feeling good about yourself is by wearing vibrant and smart attires to work. 
Spring is here and soon summer will fully announce her presence. What better way to transition from spring to summer proper than just removing your blazers and light coats and allowing that beautiful dress stand out.

Vintage work dresses are super fun, modest and cute to wear. Dresslily vintage dresses are very affordable and cheap but like they stated on the website the designs varies. The dress prints are same but the dress doesn't have a stand flare fluffy style as seen on the website, It lays on your body and it is very light.

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