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When it comes to investing in a luxury bags, it's crucial to not only find a style you really truly love, but to educate yourself on which specific handbags will hold their value and never go out of style.
The Darker Atmospheres FW2017 collection by Seoras is worth investing in.
I love uncommon designs which are one reason this bag stands out. It is a Triangle shaped bag backpack, with an opening from the back and an inner zipper pocket inside.
The interior of this backpack is covered with dark red material.
This bag is everything you want when it comes to style, security and statement-making.
The security aspect of it has been the most fun part for me.
The leather is a combination of soft and embossed leather which is light and easy to carry around.

These are special features you need to know about the Seoras FW2017 
100% European Manufacturing (Central Europe)
100% Hand Crafted
Materials/manufacturing standards
(using only the finest European fabrics and hardware):
Leather: Italy
Zippers: Swiss & Spain
Labels / Tags / Ribbons / Tape Handles: Greece 
Threads: England & Slovenia
Lining: Czech Republic
Metalic details: Italy
Cardboard: Austria
Foam: Slovenia.
Do not clean leather bags with aggressive chemicals or cleaning products. Clean your handbag only with a damp soft cloth. ​Pat the wet handbag dry and dry at room temperature. Please note that certain stains cannot be removed from leather (e.g. ballpoint pen ink).

Store light-coloured leather handbags away from the dark-coloured handbags or other such products, because the dye from the dark-coloured handbag or other product may seep into the light-coloured leather. We recommend storing the handbag in the protective bag you received when you purchased the handbag.

So, now that you’ve been blogging for awhile, you may be ready to take your business to the next level. Learning how to brand your blog is a great first step! It all starts by thinking of your blog as a branded business. You know those blogs that you can recognize in your feed without even seeing their handle? Or when a quick view of a caption reminds you of a certain blogger? Those people have been successful in branding their blog.
Before we get into the details about branding your blog, the most important takeaway is consistency. Once you figure out your voice, tone, color scheme, and image, it is important to stay consistent. Inconsistency can look unprofessional and may confuse your audience.
Voice and tone
This is a great place to start branding your blog. Make a list of 5 adjectives that describe your blog. Are you classic and sophisticated, or trendy and playful? While you’re at it, another great exercise is to define what your brand is not. Put these adjectives up on a board clearly wherever you usually write your blog posts. These keywords will help you create a consistent tone when writing a blog post, Instagram caption, or a pitch email to a retailer.
Logo and tagline
Every great business has a logo and tagline. Think about it. Your blog header is the first thing your audience sees when you enter a site. Start by looking at a few of your favorite blog logos. What do they have in common? What makes the unique and/or memorable? A great logo should add credibility and recognition to your brand.
A tagline helps readers decide if they’re interested in your blog. Make it easy for them to decide! Think about your topics and define your target audience. A great tagline will show your readers that you know them. Try to make your tagline short, powerful, and snappy.

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Beyond Holiday travel, check out SSC influencer The Mother Chic’s latest post about Expedia. She gives, even more, tips and tricks on how to utilize the website’s new tools and access their great deals.
Check out these top 5 NYE destinations for under $400 (these prices are based on departing from SFO)
Seattle – average ticket price of $357

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Denver – average ticket price of $263

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Looking for the perfect pair of red boots to Cause a stir, here is this Robbi ankle boots Featuring almond shaped toe, metal ring detail and block heel. Style with a cropped jean and cosy knit.
You can also steal my style.
Heel Height: 3.5"
Shoe Height: 9.5"
What's your inspiration today? Here is what inspires me today.
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