The Best Hair Hydration and Repair Products for a Frizz-Free, Healthy Mane

It's the weekend, which means it's the perfect time for me to share this article with you. If you've been following my blog for a while, you know that I always give honest reviews about products. I wanted to take my time with this review to give you an in-depth perspective and even made a YouTube video to show you if Vagamour lives up to the hype.

If you've been on YouTube lately, you've probably noticed everyone talking about this product. Well, I'm here to tell you what you've been waiting to hear. Does Vagamour work? Yes, it does! In fact, all the products they sent me received a rating of 4.6 out of 5.

Now, before you start thinking this product isn't for you, let me assure you that it's suitable for everyone because it's 100% vegan. I tried the HYDR-8 essentials kit, and it's actually quite good. After being disappointed with mass market hair products, I was pleasantly surprised by this set. The hydrate and repair shampoo is fantastic. You only need a small amount to effectively clean your hair and scalp. It foams up nicely and smells amazing. I love how relaxing the scent is, and it truly enhances my bath time experience. Unlike other shampoos that leave my hair feeling dry, this one keeps it moisturized all day long.

The shampoo has a unique texture that feels silky and light. It's hard to explain, but it's definitely not sticky. Moving on to the hydrate and repair conditioner, it's also great. After washing my hair, I leave the conditioner in for 5-10 minutes, depending on how much time I have. Personally, I only wash my hair twice a week since my Afro hair doesn't get dirty quickly. This conditioner leaves my hair feeling silky smooth, and I follow it up with the hair mask.

Back with another Femme luxe try on haul. Product links Mentioned below the youtube video.


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So guys, just as requested, today i will be showing you the products i use and how i care for my natural hair. Firstly, everyone has different hair type, so the result may vary depending on your hair texture. I happen to have a nice hair texture kinda, and i use very few products. I also try not to stress my hair so much by trying lots of products, because in my own opinion that can reduce hair growth.
So guys nothing really serious about the way i care for my natural hair.
I got a product from Eva which i am sure people in Ukraine can also get in prostor.
1) My natural hair hardly gets dirty so i wash my hair few times in a month. Before i wash my hair i comb it to reduce tangle, i use the advance techniques shampoo by Avon to wash off the dirt, when clean,  i apply CREMA AL MIELE honey cream (SERICAL) for splits ends and damaged hair. it nourishes hair restores natural hair shine and hair growth. I leave it for about 6-10mins. When rinsing the honey cream, i leave a little on my hair.
2) Not allowing my hair to completely dry off, i apply Shea butter because it is very thick, so if applied in a dry hair can cause breakage. Massage it through my hair, giving my hair a baby curl at the edges and increasing the hair growth.
3) When my hair is completely dry i apply any of these three hair creams (i apply hair cream everyday) 1)Damatol medicated Hair and scalp treatment. 2)Bergamot conditioner & Hair Groom or 3) Dax Kocatah dry scalp relief which contains coconut oil and tar oil (highly recommended).
Nothing serious just this, do not stress you hair, hair grows naturally on its own, all these are additional stuffs to aid the growth and health of your hair.
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