"It's ugly until Rihanna says it's not. Rihanna's diverse and inclusive approach to both beauty and fashion has had a domino effect on the entertainment industry and now she's bringing back one of the most overlooked '90s trends: fuzzy bucket hats. Rihanna is just so good with this fashion thing, let's give it to her. Her style makes you love fashion, gives you new ideas on how to explore your wardrobe even more. Rihanna made the fluffy fuzzy bucket trend this summer, I even had to jump on the trend, like sis, this is super sexy and classy. 

Rihanna fuzzy hat style

How to style hats

A fashionable hat can say so much with so little. Hats come in a variety of styles, including modest, flamboyant, whimsical, and classic. They may create a coherent look by combining current and antique designs. Many individuals overlook hats while developing their style, but a retro hat or fascinator is an easy way to find your own Easy Retro Style.

Hat style

You want to protect your skin from UV radiation as much as possible, and this is especially important for your face. Wear a hat during the hottest months of the year to block out the strong light, keep your head cooler, and protect your skin.

1. Wearing a hat increases your visibility. 
Hats keep the brightness out of your eyes both indoors and out, reducing eye strain and other distractions.


Bucket hats are very fashionable but also serve as a shield from the hot sun. They are comfortable to wear and timeless. Choose from varieties of colours to wear this summer.

Multi-coloured bucket hat

Yellow Bucket hats

A Bucket hat, Fishing hat, or Beanie hat, is a soft cotton hat with a wide and downwards sloping brim which is worn by both men and women. The brim offers shade from the sun for the eyes and face. The hat is usually made from heavy-duty cotton fabric such as denim or canvas. In recent times they have become a fashionable accessory for high street fashion frequently worn by celebrities like Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, etc.

Origins: The Bucket Hat is Irish in origin, is traditionally worn by fishermen and farmers as protection from the rain. It was quickly adopted by the English upper classes for country pursuits like walking, wild-fowling, and fishing as, when folded, it could fit inside a coat pocket. Today, it is part of the traditional Irish folk costume, together with the flat cap, grandfather shirt, and Aran sweater. A hat of this type was worn by Sean Connery's character Henry Jones Sr. in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Info (Shapersimage).

Skullcap is designed to be simple and timeless. Can be worn in autumn, spring, summer. They are a unique easy to wear fashion accessory. These Zaful light pink embroidery brimless baseball caps are made of cotton and come in light pink, black, and white. The buckle on the adjustment strap in the back and adjustable.

Bucket Hats

Zaful Bucket hats are a top fashion trend. Bucket hats were the hottest headwears and are still one of the most stylish headwears to wear in the modern fashion world. It has been featured on runways. You do not need to break a bank to wear this style trend loved by Rihanna and other celebrities.

Zaful buckets hats are super tailored to fit your head just like my sky clouds printed bucket hat - crystal blue. They are all affordable and go as low as $6.59. Go grab your nows.

How to wear bucket hat

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