The  aid for Africa #aidforafrica is on, Bows n Ties, is taking over and you just have to be a part of this. I am Glad to be a part of this great movement. Get a pair, from the online store, well made pocket squares, good materials, well sewn and of course mine is a neck square lol.
Bows n ties are top in tie production listing from causal ties to formal style, let them give you best wedding ties with a luxurious look.
This is the pocket square Ghana Flag , the strong black star, one love to all the Ghanaians.
I think we all need a pair of these pocket squares, this will enhance your wardrobe and 100% of each pair purchased is donated for the Aidforafrica.org, a sub Saharan Africa. Help a child, school children needs books, clothing's and food to eat, people need good water to drink, give somebody a life today.
The Aid for Africa collection is available in 12 styles, each representing each different sub Saharan African. Your purchase will safe a life, be a part of this movement. Purchase the AidforAFRICAcollection GOD BLESS YOU.
SHIRT : Fat face
PANT : Lovelywholesale, green Skinny pants, it suits me so well. more can be gotten from this online clothing store, for very affordable price. get your wardrobe ready for spring and summer. 
SHOES : Velentine
MAKEUP:  Makeup by chioma
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