Have you ever visited this vibrant neighbourhood? It is located on Iran's Rainbow Island. Nader Khalili constructed this colourful house of earth domes, which is a beachfront housing complex.

Hormuz Island is located in the Persian Gulf, south of Iran, and is known as the "rainbow island" because of its colourful sand, which makes it a popular tourist destination. ZAV Architects developed a tiny town comprised of rainbow domes that overlap in unexpected combinations to provide houses and cultural activities such as laundry facilities, worship spaces, and a café in an effort to represent the colourful environment and terrain.

This multifunctional hamlet, known as Presence in Hormuz, is more than simply a bright and inviting refuge; it is the epitome of a paradigm change for the community. “The local people of the picturesque, touristy, and politically significant island suffer economically,” the architects add, “getting involved in criminal trafficking operations utilizing their boats.” This urban development initiative attempts to revitalize the local economy by using community people, both skilled and unskilled.

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