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Our guide explains how to style a black dress with gold-tone buttons for a sophisticated church outfit.

My parcel arrived on Saturday, and when I opened it, I was so happy. I have shopped for different items in the Uoozee online store, and they all looked good and caused a stare. 

When I saw the dress, I wasn’t sure about the fit. I always want my dresses to look extremely flattering. This black loose sleeveless solid-color split-side shawl collar maxi dress turned out to be more stunning than I expected. The shawl collar that flows to the back is something I like; it adds a little fun flare to the dress. I added red lipstick, and it did the trick. This dress is absolutely lovely. Guess how much it cost? I am waiting...
Church Outfit Ideas: Styling a Black Dress with Gold-Tone Buttons

Well, you were wrong. It was only £42.57, but now it is £29.04. I know, right? I love a good dress at an affordable price. Adding my red heels to the look completed the outfit and added the vibrant feminine touch it required. Black and gold are one of my favorite combinations. I love when I see people pair both colors together because it has a rich, or, I would say, a luxurious, touch attached to it, and I absolutely know that I look so good in this dress.

Our guide explains how to style a black dress with gold-tone buttons for a sophisticated church outfit.

Have you decided on the next black dress to buy? Look no further; just click on the link to purchase this black loose sleeveless split-side shawl collar maxi dress.

Well, here is a breakdown of my outfit: 

Black gold button maxi dress: Uoozee £42.57 now£29.41

Black tote bag; River Island £45

Red heels with gold detail: New look

Matte Golden Color Irregular Geometric Twisted Dangle Drop Earrings: Temu £0.78

Let me give you a little background on this outfit. I wanted to look both simple and stylish, which is why I chose to wear my H&M tank top and Zara baggy jeans. I wanted to wear sneakers, but I was like, 'Hold on, girl. ' Don't you see those girls on Instagram looking all good by stepping up their look with pointed heels or stilettos? I said to myself, baby girl, you are not missing out on an opportunity to wear heels with jeans, which I rarely do, and still feel comfortable and look fabulous.

How to style blue jeans and tank top with mini crystal bag

When I wore the heels, I knew this was the outfit that was going to cause a lot of attention, and with my Ghana-waved braids, I was all set to go.

I went for a private dinner for two, and then we ended up walking the streets of Glasgow before going in October to dance the night away. Well, I didn't dance, but I had a drink and moved my body while enjoying the music.

Let's talk about getting the right tank top that fits you.

How to style blue jeans and tank top with mini crystal bag

In my small world of experience, I would advise you to get your size. If you are a size small, get a size small; that way, it will fit your body just as it is. If you get a size bigger, the styling sense for pairing with baggy jeans won't give as much of a fashion stamp as it would when wearing a tank top in your size.

Jeans are one of the best go-tos for most fashionable ladies. What makes your jeans even more fashionable is your top and sometimes your shoes. In my case, I must say that my JW Pei bag elevated this outfit. At night, the crystals in my bag shone bright like a diamond. This is the best bag for a night out.

My glasses are from Firmoo. I must say their glasses are so durable. I have had these glasses for more than 5 years and they are still one of my best. Use the code: jacob50 for 50% off code.

I got the gold loops from Primark, I think. Here are some options:

Sometimes all we need is a pair of good jeans and a tank top. Please let me know your thoughts on this outfit. Would you wear this on a date?

This post contains Firmoo discount code : jacob50: 50% off code

Jw pei

 If you have ever seen or used a Jw Pei bag, you will comprehend the hype. I personally adore their bags and would like to own more bags from the brand.

I have decided to add more glamour and glitz to my wardrobe. I discovered this when I purchased a silver heel with glitz, and I adored it. When I styled it with my black abacus crystal bag, I thought to myself, "This woman is fierce, and she needs to add more silver glitter and crystals to her wardrobe." The crystals bring your whole outfit to life and add a touch of glamour and girly flair.

Have you ever gotten dressed up for a night out and decided to show off your crystal bag under the lights? It's absolutely stunning, and so today I'll be sharing the best crystal bags and jwpei bags in general for a night out. Don't forget to add those long dangling crystal earrings; they also contribute to the magic.

JW Pei crystal bags

Crystal bags add a touch of glamour and elegance to any outfit, making them perfect for special occasions and evening events.


A silver bag offers a sleek and versatile accessory that effortlessly elevates any ensemble with its chic, metallic shine.

Sustainable Travel Tips for Exploring Toronto

Have you started thinking sustainability yet? It is important to note that traveling sustainably is a way to reduce our impact on climate change.

Sustainable travel is not a myth or a trend to identify with, but, a practice that starts by making smarter choices in every aspect of the trip. When planning your travel and booking transport and accommodation, you need to think sustainably. Even airlines are investing in sustainable aviation fuels that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Going on vacation is a great time to explore, unwind, and refresh, especially when taking a break from work. Many people look forward to taking vacations as part of their reward. The tourism industry is changing a lot these days! So many places are really trying hard to be more eco-friendly and offer sustainable services.

If you are planning a visit to Toronto, that is a great idea because Toronto features lots of tourist attractions like the CN Tower, CASA Loma, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto Zoo, Toronto Island, etc. There are convenient flight options available for you when booking flights to Toronto. Canadian Affair operates direct flights to Toronto all year round, making it easier for travelers to reach this vibrant city. 

But the question is, how can you plan sustainable travel? Every positive step we take towards sustainability when traveling preserves our environment, saves resources, and reflects positively in local communities.

1. Reduce waste and recycle. Always read the instructions before putting the waste away to see if it can be recycled. It is always written on the product. Buy reusable items, water bottles, shopping bags, and toiletry containers. Choose products with minimal packaging and avoid disposable items whenever possible. This reduces waste both during travel and at the destination.

2. When booking your accommodation, choose eco-friendly accommodations.
Choose an accommodation that is committed to reducing carbon emissions, no matter how little. Check if they use renewable energy sources for lighting and heating, as well as environmentally friendly options for supplies like cleaning products and toiletries. Most hotels or resorts write this on their website.

3. Using public transportation conserves energy. If your destination is walkable, walking is another way to conserve energy and also exercise your body. Other means of transportation to explore the city include renting bicycles, electric cars, eco-trains, electric scooters, sailing or boating, and horseback riding, which depend on the rules regarding animal handling in that location.
4. Support local businesses.
Pick a travel destination that supports local businesses because, by supporting local businesses, you reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which means less transportation. Local businesses require less packaging, which helps with waste reduction and promotes and preserves culture. Visit local businesses like Saving Grace (Trinity Bellwoods), Famiglia Baldassare (Davenport), and Snapture This (Downtown) when you arrive in Toronto.
5. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint.
Always remember to reduce, reuse, and recycle. What this means is that when you need new clothes or gear, look for sustainable suppliers. Avoid fast fashion; it contributes to greenhouse gases and synthetic fibers. Purchase items that are well-made that you can reuse when going on your next trip.

6. Promote sustainable travel.
There is always that person who wants to have a conversation; that is always an opportunity to talk about environmental issues and share knowledge.

7. Carbon Offsetting.
Carbon offsetting is a way to make up for the greenhouse gases your travel emits. Support projects with lower emissions. Planting a tree, renewable energy—in short, airlines and travel agencies are already supporting this idea.

In conclusion, being intentional about your travel plans will make it easier for you to have a positive impact on the places you visit and help the world be a more convenient, healthy, and better place for us all.

Photo by Vincent Albos
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During graduation, we stopped at the Hilton Aberdeen TECA for a meal, and I must say, they did not disappoint. The fresh soup, pizza bread, and fries were all delicious. I enjoyed it so much that when the food at the Aloft Aberdeen TECA was not as good, my friend said, "Now you see the difference between the two hotels. That's why Hilton is more expensive." We laughed it off and continued to enjoy our trip.

There isn't much to say about this post, other than the fact that we stopped here for a quick meal with the graduate's friends. That's why I don't have much to say about this place, even though I would have preferred to stay here because the food was better and the decor was more modern and photogenic.

The hotel decor was absolutely stunning. Standing between those artworks on the wall made me feel like the centerpiece, as I am an art created by God Almighty. I stood out and gave it the beauty it deserves. I loved these photos from the moment they were taken, and I enjoyed every minute spent there. I felt so relaxed and enjoyed my meal with the great view while getting to know my new friend, whom I just met at the graduation. I will be talking about my new friend soon.

If you have been following my blog, you are probably aware that this is the second time I have worn this dress. I have also mentioned that it is from Zara and was one of my best purchases last summer. My bag details here

Did I mention that it was a stone's throw from the Aloft Aberdeen TECA hotel? For now, what do you think about the decor at the Hilton Aberdeen TECA?

During the short time I spent in Aberdeen for Yinka's graduation trip, I was able to visit a few places, but I wish I had explored more because, in my opinion, the housing setting in Aberdeen is superior to that of Glasgow. Aberdeen has much more green space, which gives it a fresh, relaxed atmosphere that I find more enjoyable than the hustle and bustle of Glasgow.

One of the highlights of our trip was our visit to the Aberdeen Sports Village Aquatic Center. I felt so relaxed in this place watching people swim and practice different sports. To give you more insight about this place, it is home to an Olympic-sized training pool, a recreational pool, and a diving well. The 50-meter, 10-lane pool is perfect for competitive swimmers, while the 25-meter pool with a full-floating floor is ideal for those who want to learn how to swim or simply enjoy a leisurely swim. The diving well has springboards and platforms up to 10 meters high, so you can experience the thrill of diving.
  • Observe the aquatic action or cheer on your favorite athletes from our 600-seat spectator area.
  • The Sauna & Steam Room, or Exercise Studio are ideal places to unwind after a rigorous workout.
  • Our on-site cafe offers a variety of dining options to satisfy your hunger.
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