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Virtual Thanksgiving activities to give you a great experience.

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We want to say no to a boring thanksgiving. The search for virtual thanksgiving activities is trending, so I am sharing 10 virtual thanksgiving activities to give you are great thanksgiving experience.

1. Host a Virtual Dinner

2. Family Virtual Karaoke sing battle

3. Virtual Thanksgiving games: Ludo king, scrabble, Fifa, dress up, etc

4. Virtual Thanksgiving Quiz: Quizup

5. virtual Thanksgiving Craftmaking

6. Zoom Storytelling Game

7. Cooking meals together: fried turkey, roasted turkey, smoked turkey, pie.

8. Virtual Volunteering

9. Virtual Praying service

10. Virtual eating competition

11. Thanksgiving Virtual party ideas: dancing games, Best music wins, complete the lyrics, virtual music party with Dj, etc. 

How to Host a Virtual Thanksgiving Dinner
To host a virtual thanksgiving party, game, or event. Here are the steps to take.

Pick a Platform.
There are platforms such as Zoom, google meeting, WhatsApp video chat, Instagram video call, etc

Create an event with a theme.
Know the event that the virtual event will feature, games, singing, cooking, storytelling, etc.

Send a Meeting Invite.
Send a meeting invite keeping in mind the number of people that each meeting platform can accommodate at a time. A zoom is a great tool for large meetings. Do not forget to add the time of the virtual thanksgiving event.

Tune in
Get together virtually and give thanks. 

Photo by Ekaterina Bolovtsova from Pexels

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Top tech trending gadgets this season

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The world advances in seconds. There are news releases of different gadgets on a daily to fit into consumer use. From household equipment to hand used gadgets. Here are the top trending gadgets at the moment.

#1 ASUS TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 3080

#2 Oculus Quest 2

#3 Apple Watch Series 6

#4 Apple iPhone 12

#5 Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

#6 Google Pixel 5

#7 Google Pixel 4a

#8 Samsung Galaxy Watch3

#9 Google Chromecast with Google TV

#10 Apple iPad Air 4

#11 Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

#12 LG OLED-CX 4K UltraHD

#13 SteelSeries Arctis 7P

#14 Samsung Q900 8K TV

#15 Samsung Galaxy A11

#16 Sony BRAVIA X900H 4K UltraHD

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Trending Products shoppers are searching for at Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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Many people look forward to the holiday season and given the year that 2020 has been crazy featuring the outbreak of the coronavirus. Shopping in mass at the mall isn't safe and so holiday shoppers are using more online resources for shopping, seeking more deals, discounts, and the best way to celebrate the season in a healthy way. Retailers and brands have a unique opportunity to capture attention and drive sales during the most digital-first holiday season yet. To help retailers fine-tune their strategy heading into Black Friday and Cyber Monday, here is a list of top trending products shoppers are searching for on Google right now.

1.Christmas wrapping paper” is up 80% year over year,1 and, as of the end of October, almost half of surveyed U.S. shoppers said they had already started their holiday shopping.

As of the end of October, 59% of surveyed U.S. shoppers said they were already expecting retailers to offer holiday deals. And over 50% of surveyed U.S. holiday shoppers said they will hold off on buying gift items until they are on sale.

3. Gaming
How and when people shop has changed, with more people seeking deals this year than ever before.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Basic theories and methods of technological forecasting.

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Table of contents

  • Definition

  • History

  • Theories of technological forecasting

  • Methods of technological forecasting

  • Commonly adopted methods of technology forecasting

  • Time Frame for Technology Forecasts

  • Benefits of Technological forecasting

  • References

Technology Foresight is a combination of creative thinking, expert views, and alternative scenarios to make a contribution to strategic planning. Technological Forecasting (TF) is concerned with the investigation of new trends, radically new technologies, and new forces that could arise from the interplay of factors such as new public concerns, national policies, and scientific discoveries. Many of these forces are beyond the control, influence, and knowledge of individual companies. 

The development of a technology forecast can be divided into three separate actions:

  • Framing the problem and defining the desired outcome of the forecast,

  • Gathering and analyzing the data using a variety of methodologies, and

  • Interpreting the results and assembling the forecast from the available information.

Technology forecasting has existed in one form or another for more than a century, but it was not until after World War II (WWII) that it began to evolve as a structured discipline. The motivation for this evolution was the U.S. government’s desire to identify technology areas that would have significant military importance.

Theories of technological forecasting

Neoclassical theories Technological change takes place in the form of shifts of the production function towards the origin.

Marxist theory

Karl marl perceived technology as not self-generating, but as a process directed by willful. Conscious, active people and moulded by useful forces. He held that technology changes the development of the productive forces which was the prime mover of history.

Schumpeter’s theory

Schumpeter's theory of development assigns a paramount role to the entrepreneur and innovations introduced by him in the process of economic development. According to Schumpeter, the process of production is marked by a combination of material and immaterial productive forces. The Schumpeterian production function can, therefore, be written as –

Q = ƒ [k, r, I, u, ν) …(1)

Where Q stands for the output, k for the Schumpeterian concept of “produced means of production”, r for natural resources, l for the employed labor force.

Evolutionary theory

This suggests a biological analogy to explain technological change. The Darwinian two-state process of mutation (invention) and selection (innovation) has been employed to understand the evolution of technology.

Market pull theory

Market Pull', refers to the need/requirement for a new product or a solution to a problem, which comes from the market place. The need is identified by potential customers or market research. A product or a range of products are developed, to solve the original need.

Technology push theory

Technology is defined as an autonomous or quasi-autonomous factor. It assumes a one-way casual determination approach ie from science to the economy.

Methods of technological forecasting


Commonly adopted methods of technology forecasting include the 

  • Delphi method

The Delphi technique is used where a consensus of expert opinion is required on the timing, probability, and identification of future technological goals or consumer needs and the factors likely to affect their achievement. It is best used in making long-term forecasts and revealing how new technologies and other factors could trigger discontinuities in technological trajectories. The choice of experts and the identification of their level and area of expertise are important; the structuring of the questions is even more important. Experts in non-technological fields can be included to ensure that trends in economic, social, and environmental fields are not overlooked.

  • Exploratory technique: The formal forecasting techniques are standard components that are described in many textbooks on forecasting techniques (see specific techniques). Specific techniques for forecasting fall into two main categories, exploratory and normative. Information about each technique is available in various references.

Exploratory techniques are primarily concerned with the analysis of historical data. Selected attributes such as functional performance, technical parameters, economic performance, etc. are plotted against time. Since it is usually assumed that progress is evolutionary and that technological progress is not random, it is possible to generate characteristic curves or patterns from the data, and from these patterns, forecasts can be made with varying degrees of certainty. However, changes do occur and the influence and impact of new or surprising factors must not be disregarded. Examples of relevant exploratory techniques are:



                            trend extrapolation

                            technology substitution

— all of which rely on a large amount of statistical data, which may or may not be available freely.

Monday, November 23, 2020

I lost my best friend and he called off the wedding


I use to have a very close friend, we grew up together, we got to that close sisterly point and I had so much respect and love for our friendship. I traveled out for studies but we spoke a lot on phone. Each time I travel back home she was one of my favorite people to come over to my house. We always had a good time but here's where everything began to go wrong. 

She met someone and got into a relationship, I didn't know about it which isn't an issue because at that stage she was trying to know the person more. Time passed I noticed that she wasn't her best anymore. She felt a bit off but I knew she needed someone to talk to. I never asked any questions, I just waited until she felt comfortable to speak about what was bothering her. She finally opened up and it was about the relationship. The person she is dating isn't stable with her, he is so controlling.

Her words:
According to her: he does not call me if I do not call him. He complains when I call him after work hour to say hi and chat with him, he says he is stressed and needs to rest. He never comes to visit, I am always the only one visiting him. He said he can never go and visit any girl. He also doesn't like when I make my hair, he gets angry and says I should make only cornrows or stick to my natural hair. He also has a baby.

Melody speaking: You do not need such a person that does not have your time and value the time you try to share with him. There is obviously not a need for you in his life. You are in a relationship with yourself. If he doesn't see a reason why both of you should speak daily then you are dating yourself and being used. It is a relationship and daily communication is needed to keep things in check, growth, and heart connections. You need to understand what is good for you, people do not give you rules that are degrading to follow. If he doesn't see the need to visit you then you need to stop visiting him. Understand your value and where he placed you and respect yourself.

Her words: I understand, but I just always feel like calling him.

Melody speaking: You need to tell yourself the bitter truth and work on it.

Her words: Ok

The story continues.
During the beginning of the Covid 19 outbreak, I advised her to leave her place of assignment and go back to her family before the total lockdown begins so she will not end up staying alone for a long time. She did that and we continued to speak on daily basis. She informed me that she has decided not to call him since he did not call to check up on her. This was already weeks of him not calling her. Her brother showed me text messages between his sister and her boyfriend expressing these words:

Her boyfriend's text message
"I do not like your mother, I don't just like that woman.

And she never said anything to defend her mum and rebuke him from such words. I was not pleased by that at all because her mum has treated me kindly and I felt terrible about her letting him speak such words about such a hard-working and caring mum of hers.


One day after some weeks, during the lockdown he called her and she started communicating with him again without us knowing, (she actually doesn't need anyone's' permission tho). He convinced her that he was sorry as usual saying he has changed, my friend accepted the apology, and instead of waiting to see the change he claimed to have, she packed her box that same week and traveled to see him during the peak of the Covid 19 period without her mum knowing, she left the house and went to visit him for days without informing her family. They got back from church on a Sunday and she was nowhere to be found. Knowing how close she is with me, the brother called me, I called her but she didn't answer or even reply to my messages for about two days tho she was online. Her brother called me asking me if I have spoken to her, that the mum is going crazy because she isn't picking the mum's calls and her boyfriend is also not picking his calls. They wanted to be sure she is fine. 

Note: In the part of Nigeria where her boyfriend stays, you need a boat to cross over and this was during the lockdown.

After some days my friend replied to me and said she was at her boyfriend's place, and that they are back together. I wished her well tho I told her she made wrong moves by going to see him but life is all about doing what makes you happy and so good luck to you.

She got back from his place and everything went back to nothing. He did not call her to check if she arrived home safely. She traveled back to her place of assignment he still did not call her. It took almost two months and he did not call her. She told me that she has made up her mind to move on again and I said well it's always your choice to make. This guy is obviously not interested in you and he is not hiding it. The decision is yours, it is more than a month and a man you went to visit in the midst of the pandemic couldn't call you after a long journey to find out if you made it home or if you even got to your place of assignment safely, well it's up to you to decide. She said I am done this time.

I believed her at this point. She later told me that she dreamt he had another baby, and that she has been suspecting it. She also mentioned that she went to church and was praying and the pastor walked up to her and told her that the person you are praying for isn't what God wants for you. To me, she already got the final message. My heart was calm.

Things went on smoothly, we chatted as usual for almost two months and suddenly I stopped hearing from her regularly again, I was wondering what was going on, we pray together and see movies together online sometimes. I got a bit worried but felt it was her new job which was taking a bit of her time. Not until I found out that she was going for her marriage introduction with this guy.

Here's what happened: He called her and told her he was ready to get married to her, she accepted immediately and informed her people that she was coming for her marriage introduction that same week he called her after not calling her for almost 2 months. I did not know she was already planning her marriage introduction until two days before the introduction. I actually called several times to find out if all was ok with her but she said yes and that she had something to discuss with me which she later opened up that she was going to do a marriage introduction with her boyfriend, the date has been fixed and that I should allow her to make this mistake. I reminded her about what she told me the pastor said and she replied to me saying" please allow me to disobey God and please I need your support. I was actually surprised by her words. I told her I will not be a part of this but I wish her well in her marriage introduction. I also told her that I can not watch her make a wrong life decision that at this point I am tired of the drama and I do not think we should remain friends anymore because she is not totally truthful and involving me in her personal life affects my mental health. She explained herself but after that phone call, I washed my hands wash her life. She went for her marriage introductions and that was the last time I heard from her.

For those reading who do not understand what marriage introduction is, it means taking your husband to be, to your uncles, kinsmen, elders, family, and friends to introduce him to them. After this celebration for your forthcoming marriage, the payment of the bride price will be made and, you fix a date for the wedding.


5 medical devices you should have at home to ensure healthy living

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As an individual, living in the Covid-19 era with all sorts of issues going on in the world today. Keeping track of your health is very important. There are specific health checking devices that can help you stay updated with your health. These devices help monitor human health frequently, to ensure daily healthy living.

5 Must-Have Health Monitors for every home.

1. Blood Pressure Monitors:
Sphygmomanometer to measure the patient's blood pressure. Technology has advanced and using a blood pressure monitoring device to check your blood pressure has been made easy. There are now automated machines that help measure both systolic and diastolic blood pressure with high accuracy and immediately. These instruments are a must-have to keep track of blood pressure regularly. 

2. Thermometers: 
This is an instrument used in the measurement of temperature. The normal body temperature is about 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (°F) or 37 degrees Celsius (°C). The normal temperature often varies from 1° to 2°F (½° to 1°C). Checking your body temperature is important as high temperature can be an arm for a health test or check-up.

5 Must-Have Health Monitors

3. Pedometers And Weighing Scales:
These devices can help you keep track of your weight. If you want to lose weight or gain weight you need a weighing scale. Some people want to gain weight and find themselves losing weight rapidly, and keeping track of your weight can help you achieve your goal. Your BMI (body mass index) is a measurement that is a ratio of your weight and height. It’s a good way to gauge whether your weight is in healthy proportion to your height.

4. Pulse Oximeters: 
Pulse oximetry is a noninvasive method for monitoring a person's oxygen saturation. The purpose of pulse oximetry is to check how well your heart is pumping oxygen through your body. A healthy body should never fall below 95% oxygen saturation, and oximeters can detect changes as small as 1%. This can be a home emergency device to prevent the risk of brain damage, heart failure, and death if oxygen loss is detected fast.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Ministering, monetization of vlogging and blogging as a Christian believer.

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Ministering, monetization through vlogging and blogging as a Christian believer or Church. 

As we all know we are in the internet age and our duties as believers are to capitalize on different tools to reach out to people. This is a great way to channel your own inner desire to share God’s message while doing what you love.
Matthew 28:19-20

19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

1 Corinthians 10:31 (New King James Version (NKJV).


As a Christian living in this time, not everyone shows up to the church, and using the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 that placed restrictions on worshiping together as brethren, this brought the realization of the importance of a Christian understanding the use of these tools to preach Gods word including monetization of your platform as a vlogger/blogger.

Some people like to watch videos while some like to read, so this is where the difference between a blog and vlog for ministering alongside monetizing your platform comes in.

Today we are going to be focusing more on blogging than vlogging because this is a very broad topic.

What is a blog?
A blog is an online journal or informational website displaying information.

Who is a vlogger?
 A vlogger is somebody who creates and uploads a video blog to pass for informational or learning purposes.

What is the purpose of a Christian blog/vlog?
The main purpose of a Christian blog is to connect you to the relevant audience and content while teaching the word of God. This entails equipping a web page with tools to make the process of writing, posting, linking, and sharing content easier on the internet.

Christian blogging is a way to take the Gospel to the people where they are. More and more people are turning to the online world to find answers and information on a variety of topics – including Jesus Christ! Starting a ministry blog is such a life-changing experience – both for you as a Christian individual, the church as an organization, and for those who come across your content. We are no longer bound by the confines of our church because the Internet makes it possible for us to connect with others literally around the planet.
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Friday, November 20, 2020

Black Friday Christmas Shopping Experience With Lightinthebox

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Black Friday Shopping Experience With Lightinthebox Decorative Christmas Ornaments.

It is another black Friday which officially welcomes us to the holiday shopping for Christmas and new year. There are always late shoppers who happen to benefit from the large black Friday sales. Not everyone believes in the black Friday sales but Lightinthebox is putting a lot of items on sales. I want to especially share with you Christmas items for simple home decoration. 

Shopping for the festive season can be a whole lot of stress, meeting up with our dream Christmas decoration can less if when shopping from Lightinthebox. Saving up money for the new year would always be a huge consideration because as the festive season comes, it is full of lots of joy, love, and gifting. Shop affordable Christmas decor items that can transform your home within a second.  

Enjoy the festive discount with a free Shipping zone and up to 85% off.

Decoration Happy New Year

How to prepare for your dream charming fall wedding

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Even tho I don't like the cold that comes along with autumn and how our body tries to adjust but the beautiful yellow leaves that shine and brighten the streets make it so beautiful, interesting, and picture-worthy. Summer weddings are perfect but also autumn weddings can be a fairy tale. If you are looking to do an autumn wedding, there are things you should put into consideration before planning a fall wedding.

Prepare properly for the cold weather
Honestly, the cold weather can be discouraging and you don’t want your guests shivering and attending without a coat or umbrella. Send written notes alongside your wedding invitation to remind your guests to dress warm, since there will be outdoor activities. If you have some options for outdoor seating, ensure you have provided blankets to ensure guests can fully enjoy your surroundings and special day with you.

Autumn is a season that brings along the countryside or rural vibe, which makes it even more astonishing. When picking your wedding location for an autumn wedding, think of woodland, forest, country, outdoor restaurants, riverside with massive leaf pour, and barn wedding locations. Autumn trees and leaves make the perfect backdrop for your wedding photographs. 


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