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Evri, formerly known as Hermes: Delivery person stole my parcel for the 4th time.

Evri, formerly known as Hermes: Delivery person stole my parcel for the fourth time.

On February 29th, I received an email notifying me that my package had arrived from a company called Evri, formerly known as Hermes. Upon returning home, I discovered that the parcel was missing from where it was supposed to be. I checked with my neighbors, but they weren't available. Immediately, I contacted the company to file a complaint. However, despite their automated response promising a callback, I never received one. Repeated attempts to reach them were met with their unresponsive answering machine. It seems impossible to contact them, and they don't attempt to reach out either.

The next day, after returning from work, I asked my neighbors about the parcel, but they said they hadn't seen any delivery, as they hadn't been around.

Checking Instagram, I found numerous complaints from people who had caught Evri drivers/delivery staff on camera stealing their parcels.

Here's how the scheme works: the drivers take a picture of the parcel, send you an email claiming it's been delivered to your doorstep, and then simply walk away with it.

My parcel has been stolen by Evri four times, and I'm frustrated by the lack of communication. I suspect this isn't just a problem among delivery personnel but extends to the company's management benefiting from these thefts.

I left a review on Trustpilot expressing my disappointment:

"Yesterday, my package was stolen by an Evri delivery person for the fourth time. As an influencer, it feels like I'm being targeted. It's clear that Evri operates in a chaotic manner. SCAM SCAM SCAM. Evri is a well-orchestrated scam, and I suspect many branches are complicit. Despite numerous complaints, Evri remains indifferent to missing parcels. Attempts to contact them only lead to an automated response. This company is swindling people out of their businesses and hard-earned money. Their actions are brazen and indicative of large-scale theft. I urge you to watch videos of Evri drivers stealing parcels on Instagram; it's evident. Please do not use this company. They have poorly behaved workers, and their customer service is nonexistent."

As an influencer who regularly receives parcels, it's disheartening to have such experiences with a company entrusted with delivering them. It's even sadder to see that they're not being held accountable.

Hermes rebranded as Evri due to poor reviews instead of improving their services and training their workers. Evri has been rated the worst parcel delivery firm, with articles warning people about their services. Even Amazon sellers rate their service poorly.

I hope this message reaches as many people as possible to make them aware. Please watch the videos on YouTube showing Evri delivery personnel caught on camera stealing parcels. Unfortunately, this is happening.

They keep replying to people, directing them to call a number, but it's just the same automated system working as an answering machine. I wonder why the government is still allowing this delivery company to operate.


  1. This is horrible! I can't believe that happened, I'm so sorry that it happened!



  2. It's outrageous that Evri has allowed such blatant theft to occur not once, but four times!

  3. Dreadful. I wouldn't buy from them anymore.

  4. Sorry this keeps happening to you. Parcel and porch theft is a real problem and has been for a while. You don't say how you're sure it was the driver, though, apart from hearsay. It could have been opportunist passers-by or neighbours, especially if someone in the area knows you get a lot of deliveries. Might be an idea to get one of those a small, cheap cameras to watch your front door area and see who might be stealing. If it's the driver, then you have the evidence. If it's someone else, then the police will be able to help. Let's hope it stops. Sue x

  5. Hi Melody. That's awful. And sadly not uncommon. Commerce's shift from brick-and-mortar stores to online shopping has seen a lot of porch pirating. Some as you suspect, is organized and not sporadic. I'm so sorry you were the victim of it. Sellers should remedy these situations. It's good you're publicizing the few that don't. BTW thanks for visiting my blog. You're now on my list of places to visit regularly!

  6. Ufff, qué mal. Gracias por compartir.

  7. This is terrible! It's hard to believe that such sad things happen. I would be worried all the time. It's good that you share this story so that others can know it!

  8. What a boring and unpleasant situation, I'm sorry! :(


  9. This is really terrible! Never heard of something similar happened here, but I would report it to the police!
    But that company doesn't need of your signature to certificate the deliver?
    Anyway I don't know how works things there but your did very well on publicizing the fact and (above all) the company!

  10. Thieving bastards, yes you should report it to the cops

  11. Mi dispiace per quello che ti è successo, spero di aver compreso bene, non trovando il traduttore ho inserito il tuo testo in un traduttore in rete. Ciao e buona serata.

  12. Un placer pasarme por aquí y poder leerte. Besos

  13. Uy que mal que te haya pasado. Deberías dejar de utilizar ese servicio ya que ni las quejas atienden. Te mando un beso.

  14. I hope that Evri addresses these concerns promptly and takes steps to improve their customer service and delivery practices...

  15. OMG! I have never heard about that!

  16. Muchas gracias por tu visita y conceptos. Veré esa película que reseñas, The Old Oak . Amo a Nina Simone. Es para mí una constante inspiración...
    Abrazo agradecido hasta vos.

  17. That is terrible but why are people still using the company if it has such a bad reputation. When you order something can you not stipulate that they use a more reliable service. Thanks for your visit, Diane

  18. Sorry to hear that, that is so irritating experienced especially if you spent big amount of money.


  19. I have had one parcel that did not arrive, they also had no photo proof that it did either. I have also had good deliveries too when everything has been just fine, so not all bad.

  20. This is an absolutely terrible situation.


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