Saturday, November 25

Why do I have white spots on my nails?

Ever notice those little white spots on your nails? Don't worry, they're usually not a big deal. It's like a mystery game to figure out why they showed up, but often, it's just because your nails experienced some minor bumps or rough treatment. Think of it like a badge of honor from a too-hasty manicure or tapping your fingers a bit too enthusiastically.

Oh, and if you've been rocking nail polish for ages without a break, your nails might rebel with some dry, white spots. It's like they're saying, "Hey, let us breathe!" There's also a chance a sneaky fungal infection is behind the scenes, leaving a white film on your nails. Sometimes, more serious stuff like low iron, kidney issues, or liver scarring can play a part in turning your nails half or mostly white.

If you're scratching your head because none of these seem to fit, it's cool to chat with your doctor about it. Waiting for the spots to vanish on their own might take a while – like six months or more – because, you know, nails take their sweet time to grow out.




  1. I didn't know it takes that long for the nails to regrow.

  2. good information..... thank you for sharing

  3. I used to like painting my nails, now I leave them alone :-))

  4. We cut our nails every Friday, but never paid attention to the details like the ones you shared... it turns out there are some after paying attention. Thank you for the information

  5. Anonymous11/25/2023

    Good morning, a cheerful greeting to you.
    Have a nice weekend.
    This night we had the first snow here...
    the white in the nails, I also know it as iron deficiency.

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