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How to set a Christmas table in a Scandinavian style

Any family meal can be made even more memorable with a well-thought-out tablescape, and this year's Scandinavian-inspired tablescape will be perfect for a cozy yet informal Christmas dinner.

Clean, neutral, and softly lit, this is the ideal Scandi table. Reflecting the color scheme of your Christmas decorations (use clear glass, wood, and paper embellishments in cream and white, warmed by pearly amber, soft grey, ink, and rose gold), envision minimalist furniture upholstered in natural, understated blonde oak and adorned with seating featuring relaxed, textured throws and textiles.

Clear glass and simple white plates are all you need to finish off the perfect Scandi look. You could also add more magic by hanging a centerpiece high above the table. It could be a bunch of big, lit-up glass ornaments or a bunch of pampas and other dried grasses that are softly twinkling with warm white fairy lights.

There are two different types of Scandinavian design that you can choose from. First, there's modern, which mixes simple shapes and designs. You could also go for classic, which is somewhat minimalist but has more natural, rough forms and a lot of texture. Both use a soft color scheme based on nature to keep the general look simple.

Even if the color is pretty neutral, modern Scandinavian tableware often uses unusual forms to make it look interesting. Pair simple dishes with statement pieces like a very modern water jug or unique light holders for a modern Scandi table setting. Or, use statement plates next to simple table decorations. The goal is to draw attention without overpowering it.

If you want to accept traditional Scandinavian design, look for tableware that feels and looks hand-made. We suggest that you look for plates and bowls that have glazes, textures, and forms that are "perfectly imperfect." For a unique look, stack ceramic or wooden serveware in a range of colors, sizes, and finishes, but make sure they are all in the classic, understated Scandi color scheme.

Relaxed eating is very Scandinavian, so it's a great chance to serve food to the whole family. Choose big wooden dishes that can fit in the middle of the table. Place spoons or tongs on the table and let everyone eat.

A high-quality, rustic tablecloth, preferably made from linen or cotton, will protect your table. It will also be a great base for the rest of your setting. Put a napkin next to each person's seat at the table, but don't use napkin rings. To keep things simple, tie the towels with thick twine or cord. Add a sprig of holly that you found for extra color. You could also add a dried cinnamon stick, which looks great.

Since casual eating is all about taking your time, soft furnishings go beyond the table itself. This means that you should keep things easy. Put a soft cushion with a very rough surface on each table chair to make it feel even cozier. Put sheepskin rugs on top of eating benches.

The Scandinavian style of Christmas decor is based on the idea that less is more. It emphasizes simple decorations over the extravagant ones that we usually associate with the holiday season.

Make sure to include lights in your table setting for a warm glow. Unique candle stands look great as table centerpieces, especially when used with bright taper candles. Rustic styles, on the other hand, keep things simple and look great with tealights. You could also use hurricane-style lights instead. By doing this, drafts won't knock the candles over. Choose scented candles with holiday spices like cinnamon and clove to make the mood more cheerful.

You can also put paper ornaments on the Christmas dinner table, which is nice because you can just fold them up when you're done using them. For a fun look, put little paper Christmas trees all over the table. You can even use them to hold name cards.


  1. It looks so beautiful simple and elegant.

  2. It looks so beautiful simple yet elegant.

  3. Such a timely post! I like simple, cozy and warming holiday setups.

  4. Anonymous11/13/2023

    Absolutely beautiful.

  5. So stunning. I love Christmas deco and always set up my table and the whole house!

  6. So many beautiful candle stick holders. Hard to pick a favorite.

  7. This table inspiration is beautiful! Thank you for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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  8. I love Scandinavian style, it's so warm and glamorous at the same time. This is a great post!

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