Saturday, November 18

How to Elevate Your Cardio Fitness

Elevating Cardio Fitness: A Potential Shield Against Common Cancers in Men

Staying in good shape with activities like jogging or cycling might actually help guys fend off some serious health issues. According to a study shared in the journals on June 29, 2023, being in better cardio shape seems to reduce the chances of men facing a tough time with colon, lung, or prostate cancer

Researchers checked in on over 170,000 guys, keeping an eye on their cardio fitness levels by measuring something called VO2 max while they pedaled away on stationary bikes. VO2 max is basically how much oxygen your body can use during exercise – the higher, the better.

Fast forward about 9.6 years of keeping tabs on these guys, and the ones with top-notch cardio fitness had lower risks of losing the battle against these types of cancers. So, beyond just keeping your heart happy, getting that heart rate up through some good, sweaty workouts might be a smart move for guys dealing with these common cancers.

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