Sunday, November 26

FDA approves postpartum depression's first medication

Great news! The FDA recently gave the green light to the first-ever pill designed to help moms struggling with postpartum depression. This condition affects around one in seven new mothers, making it tough for them to connect with their babies in the months following childbirth.

The new drug, called zuranolone (Zurzuvae), works quickly and was officially approved on August 4, 2023. What's even better? It's a short two-week course. Until now, the only other approved medication for postpartum depression was brexanolone (Zulresso), but it needed to be given through a hospital-based IV.

Postpartum depression shares symptoms with other types of depression, such as deep sadness, feeling tired all the time, losing interest in regular activities, and struggling with thinking and memory. In severe cases, women might even have thoughts of hurting themselves or their baby.

The introduction of this pill is not just a medical breakthrough; it's also expected to lessen the stigma around postpartum depression. By offering a more accessible treatment option, it aims to encourage more women to seek the help they need. This is a positive step forward for the well-being of new moms everywhere!

The Study is still being monitored.




  1. Dai che bella notizia, speriamo bene

  2. I suffered from such depression when I had my first daughter and doctors just sent me for counselling which did bugga all

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