Saturday, September 9

Exploring the Enchanting Glasgow Cathedral

Glasgow Cathedral

My partner and I had such a wonderful time exploring the amazing Glasgow Cathedral. It's the oldest church in mainland Scotland and the oldest building in Glasgow, dating back to AD 1136. The cathedral is located at Castle Street G40QZ.

When we arrived, we saw lots of tourists and people just enjoying themselves. We looked around and admired the beautiful architecture. It was a really nice experience.

The cathedral was so impressive with its old-fashioned design. We saw colorful stained glass windows that let sunlight shine through and made the stone walls look even more special. It felt like we were in a fairy tale or a painting.

We also noticed people sitting and talking or just relaxing, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere. It was lovely to see how this place brought people together and made them happy.

We spent time exploring every part of the cathedral, amazed by all the little details. The arches and pillars were so fancy and showed how much work went into building this amazing place.

Our visit to the Glasgow Cathedral was truly unforgettable. It was like stepping back in time and being a part of history. We felt so calm and amazed by everything we saw. If you're ever in Glasgow, I really recommend visiting this incredible cathedral – you won't be disappointed!



  1. Wow, these photos are stunning. And I love the color of your dress! So vibrant!



  2. This cathedral is magnificent. Thank you so much for sharing.
    You look beautiful in that dress!

  3. Hey gorgeous!
    Just discovered your blog🥰
    Wow the cathedral really looks sooo beautiful🤩 I love to visit churches and cathedrals everywhere I go, they are so different but magical at the same time✨
    Totally love your dress too, you look stunning!✨
    It's very nice to find you, I followed you so we can keep in touch🫶🏼
    Have a wonderful weekend!💋✨

    Elena from Somniare Aude Blog

  4. What a beautiful piece of history! I have not yet been to Glasgow but will certainly add this cathedral to my list.

    I hope you are having a great week so far!


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  5. Anonymous9/15/2023

    Looks amazing! You captured it so well. Would love to visit there.
    Gemma x

  6. Beautifully captured!


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