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3 breakfast habits that will lower your cholesterol levels

Three changes to your breakfast habit that may significantly lower your cholesterol levels
High cholesterol can set the stage for severe health issues like heart disease and stroke.

Keeping your levels under control is consequently essential due to the fatty substance's volatility. While eating a variety of foods can increase cholesterol, some foods can also act as a preventative measure.

Soy milk and yoghurt 

Using soy milk or yoghurt instead of regular milk could also help lower cholesterol levels. Saturated fats are frequently found in high-fat dairy products like cheese, full-fat milk, and cream. A diet high in saturated fats is associated with an increase in low-density lipoproteins, generally known as "bad cholesterol."


Oats contain beta-glucans, which is why the creamy meal might lower your cholesterol. A form of soluble fiber called beta-glucans aids in binding to cholesterol to stop it from being absorbed into circulation.

Rye bread

If you don't like porridge, rye bread is also a good source of beta-glucans, so you might still gain them from other morning meals. You might be able to meet the required intake by switching to rye bread instead of wheat bread.

Rye bread is a breakfast alternative and is also said to be healthier and more satisfying than wheat bread because it contains more fiber and B vitamins.

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