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How to treat dark spots or discoloration?

When it comes to skincare products, the recommendations are endless, which is why appreciating products that actually work is important. Because mass market products have gotten out of hand and regulations are lax, it is a good idea to read about a product before purchasing it, which is why I will be sharing with you all products that will help you get rid of your dark spots.

There are common causes of dark spots, like sun damage, hormonal changes, side effects caused by medications, diabetes, wound healing, irritation, and inflammation.

If you have ever had to achieve any skin goals, you should know that consistency is key. There are many treatments and products on the market that claim to remove dark spots from the skin, but not all of them are created equal, and some of them could even be dangerous. If you want to treat dark spots or discoloration knowing what to look for will help you make a safe choice to help you achieve your goal.

Here are recommended products by DW Aesthetics to help treat dark spots or discoloration.


The Even Tone Duo Set is the perfect combination of products to help improve the look of dark spots, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, sun damage, and visible blemishes. It will help to brighten, smooth, and give you the desired, cleaner complexion if used on a regular basis. Please note that it is not suitable for sensitive skin types.


This is an amazing moisturiser that has been created to brighten, regulate hyperpigmentation, clear visible blemishes, and finally provide you with the glowing skin that you seek. It restores the radiance of the skin and nourishes the growth of new skin cells.

It is light with a thin consistency that absorbs liquid rapidly and penetrates the skin with ease. It aids in the brightening of the skin while also preventing moisture loss. After using the product for 4-6 weeks, you will start seeing good results.
To get the most out of this product, apply it to your face in a patting motion after cleansing your skin and applying your toner. This  Fadebright moisturiser works best when used with an active fading serum.

The active Fading Serum (oil-free) is made to gently even out uneven skin tone, reduce the look of blemishes like spots, age spots, freckles, and sun-damaged skin, moderate hyperpigmentation, and balance out uneven skin tone. This product has kojic and lactic acids in it, which help get rid of damaged and dead skin cells. This makes your skin look brighter and more even.

To start seeing good results, you need to use it consistently for a period of at least six to eight weeks. Please be aware that this product is not intended to lighten the skin. Apply after you have washed your face and toned your skin. You can use it both in the morning and at night.

Let me add that these products are suitable for both men and women, and another thing that a lot of people fail to do when trying to achieve a goal in skin care is that they are not consistent with one product to actually see the result. Those who want quick results often turn to harsh products that might actually make their skin worse by worsening existing discoloration or even increasing the risk of cancer. If you take the time to read a good product's instructions and implement them, you will definitely see good results.
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