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How to check the domain authority of a website?

Now that you've learned how to build domain authority, here are some tools for checking your website's DA.

Moz Link Explorer
You can check any website's domain authority with Moz Link Explorer. Enter the URL of either your website or one of your competitors to check the domain authority.

The tool also tells you how many different backlinks, root domains, and keywords are ranking for a particular domain.

Ahrefs is another domain authority checker and one of the best SEO tools on the market right now. It can be used to find out a website's domain authority (DA). Take notice that Ahrefs refers to it as "domain rating," but the term "domain authority" more accurately describes its meaning.

You should also take into consideration the fact that it calculates the DA using its own unique algorithm and set of parameters. Hence, if you compare it to Moz or any other tool, you might see that the scores are different.

SEO professionals use SEMrush, which is a tool that gives information about a website's domain authority and is used by a lot of them.

Backlinks Analytics is the section of SEMrush that you need to go to in order to examine the DA of your website or the websites of your competitors. You are able to see your authority score by clicking on the Overview tab (which is domain authority).

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