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How to plan a luxury trip to Iceland

If you’ve never experienced the delights of Scandinavia before, the awe-inspiring natural beauty of Iceland is a good place to start. A country that offers everything from volcanoes to glaciers, hot springs to black sand beaches, and lava fields to waterfalls amid a backdrop of uniquely sculpted mountains, Iceland is a truly one-of-a-kind travel experience.

But with so much to see, where should you start with planning a luxury trip out to Iceland? Here’s a short guide on why, where, and how you should go.

The reasons to go

While technically not a geographical member of Scandinavia, Iceland embodies everything that’s naturally and culturally brilliant about the region. The main reason to visit is, of course, the country’s incredibly vast and varied array of natural beauty spots – and the unique natural properties of Iceland make it a truly wondrous place to visit.

You can see the famous aurora borealis (otherwise known as the northern lights), take a dip in a geothermal lake, bask on a black sand beach and take in countless other postcard-worthy experiences.

Beyond Iceland’s stunning nature is its people – generally considered to be some of the friendliest on earth. Add to that a food scene that focuses on local fresh produce that includes lobster, cod, lamb, and Skyr, and there are plenty of reasons to make Iceland your next must-visit destination.

The places to see

Iceland is a great place for all sorts of travelers, from weekend warriors to long-term visitors. There’s an almost infinite list of things to do, see, and experience, but your first visit will probably be made up of at least a few of the following:

  • Reykjavik: Iceland’s capital should be your first port of call to understand the country’s culture and values. It balances trendy and traditional with a mix of fine dining, boutique retail, and lively nightlife amid a wealth of historic landmarks museums, and other cultural attractions.
  • The Golden Circle: The Golden Circle represents one of the most memorable driving routes on the planet, taking in three major sights in the tectonic borders of Þingvellir, the original hot water Geysir after which all others are named and the staggering waterfall Gullfoss. For whistle-stop visitors, this is the quickest and most impactful way in which to see the natural beauty of Iceland.
  • Route 1: if you want to see as much of Iceland as possible on four wheels, you can travel the 832-mile Route 1, otherwise known as the Ring Road. The route shows off the diversity of Iceland’s natural makeup, taking in icy glaciers, waterfall-decked dales, and moss-covered lava fields. A proper trip of Route 1 should take you around a week and a half – in return you’ll see much of the best of the country.

How to get there

Iceland’s small scale makes it easy to get around once you’re there on foot or by car, but if you’re looking to make a true luxury trip of your visit to this island country, while not flying over in an ultimate manner. Take a look at private jet prices and you might just be surprised by what you see, and what better way to start off a memorable trip than with the most luxurious way to travel that there is?

Offering unique, unrivaled natural beauty, welcoming people, and a great foodie scene, a luxury trip to Iceland promises to be one you’ll never forget.

Photo by Benjamin Suter: https://www.pexels.com/photo/blue-and-green-sky-and-mountain-3617500/


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