Saturday, December 17

How to combine yellow and green.

The combination of yellow and green works exceptionally well when both colours have milder hues. For instance, lemon yellow and lime green look fantastic together. The same is true for darker colors; emerald green and mustard yellow blend well together. You can mix and match these two to create the ideal outfit.

You can mix and match these two to create the perfect outfit. Whether you wear yellow pants with a green blouse or a green skirt and a yellow shirt, you will make a statement.

I wore this outfit to work on Fridays because I like to dress casually; who knows, I might want to go for a walk and still be warm. At first, when I went to Primark to get some casual joggers and a sweater, I saw so many options to choose from, but this sweater and joggers didn't come in a set. They both came separately.

I can't remember ever wearing green and yellow, but I like the combination and how vibrant both colors are. I paired this outfit with my sneakers from Breshka.

Well, I hope you are having a great weekend. Overall I am having a great weekend. Merry Christmas.

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