Tuesday, December 6

Bershka Multi-coloured Sneakers

So I received a pair of shoes, and I like them. Whether you refer to them as trainers, sneakers, or gym shoes, they are athletic or sports shoes. I like simple shoes, but I won’t really say these are very simple sneakers due to the design. Choosing what to wear to work every day isn't my favorite thing to do. Dressing professionally is nice, but targeting comfort makes you even more productive at work. I wrote an article about how what you wear to work can increase your work performance I think everyone needs to understand that comfort is part of productivity.

I just wanted to show you my new shoes, and because they are so daring, I will give them a 70 out of 100. I wear a size 40, but these sneakers are a size 39, which has contributed to the little discomfort I feel. But overall, I like these sneakers, and the design is cool. Purchase these sneakers from TK Maxx, but they are by Bershka.

When it comes to a simple work look, sneakers can also be the best choice. especially if you are going for a comfortable yet smart look.

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