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How do you take care of your towel?

A lot of people overlook towel care. Most people use their towel for weeks before washing it forget that your towel should be always clean. To learn how to care for your towel keep reading. With a little care, you can extend the life and efficacy of your towel.

Before You Use Your Towels, Wash Them.

Towels should be washed with a half cup of white vinegar before their first use. Set the dyes with vinegar to help them last longer. In addition, washing the towels will help to lessen the amount of shedding that is common in new towels.

Wash your towels together.

Do not wash your towels with anything but other towels if you don't want them to pill. What does it mean to take a "pill?" It's caused by the short fibers of bath towels rubbing against the long strands, causing them to bunch up and generate "pills" on the fabric. Keep an eye on your drying time, as overdrying might lead to pilling.

Put your towel in small laundry bags before washing them.

Your washing machine and dryer may be damaged if you try to wash and dry too many towels at the same time. Your dryer won't be able to fluff up the fibers of your towels if the load is too full. Instead, a too-full load will cause the fibers to settle down, resulting in stiff towels.

Remove Buildup with Vinegar.

To remove hard water and chemical buildup from your towels, add 1 cup of white vinegar to the wash cycle every now and again. Towels will be more absorbent, and the fibers will fluff out and feel softer against your skin as a result of doing this.

How to get rid of musty smells using Baking Soda.

You may get rid of the musty smell associated with swimming towels and gym bags by adding a half-cup of baking soda to your detergent in a wash cycle.

Using fabric softener is a no-no

The idea that fabric softeners might ruin your towels may seem like a paradox, yet this is actually the case. Stiffness and decreased absorbency can be caused by the buildup of fabric softeners.

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Regularly Replace Your Towels

A towel's fibers and absorbency will degrade over time despite your diligent cleaning efforts. Fortunately, quality towels can be purchased for a reasonable price, so if your current set has seen regular use for more than two years, it's time to replace them.


Towels should be washed before use and care recommendations should always be followed. To avoid dulling, separate the light and dark washes and use only a little amount of fabric softener. This can impair the towel's absorbency over time. To enhance the softness of your towels, use a low-temperature tumble dryer to dry them.

Trim the loop on your towel if you notice a pull so that the strand doesn't become hooked and yanked farther. It's worth examining your washing machine or tumble dryer for a sharp edge that might catch fibers and generate loops in towels and clothing if you detect a lot of pulls in your towel.

Your towels can be damaged by harsh cleaning detergents and bleaching agents, as well as various cosmetics and skincare products. After applying skincare products, be sure to thoroughly rinse your face before patting it dry.

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