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Even in moderation, alcohol can cause harm to your brain.

This research is still being monitored

Even moderate drinking may be detrimental to your brain, according to research published online by The BMJ on June 6, 2017. Researchers from the University of Oxford and University College London discovered that imbibers, even those who matched standards for moderate drinking, experienced a greater rate of cognitive loss and brain shrinkage than teetotalers.

The study tracked 550 men and women for 30 years, evaluating their brain structure and function to ascertain the long-term effects of alcohol usage on the mind. They discovered that the more people drank, the more atrophy happened in the hippocampus, a seahorse-shaped region in the brain involved in memory storage. Individuals who consumed 17 standard drinks or more of alcohol per week had the greatest risk. However, even moderate drinkers had an increased risk of cognitive impairments.

Before you swear off the odd drink, it's critical to understand that the research's findings do not conclusively establish that alcohol caused the brain and cognitive alterations observed in study participants. However, the study's authors stated that the findings may raise concerns about the appropriateness of existing US alcohol consumption standards.

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