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38 Hand-Painted Cake Ideas: Edible Works of Art

Hand-painted features or motifs may offer that additional unique dimension to any cake, from the basic to the magnificent, from delicate blossoms to bold patterns, and from a modest accent to a whole masterpiece.

hand-painted wedding cakes are trending and coming even more popular especially on Instagram. Despite the fact that this decorative style has been around for a long time, it has only recently received the attention and limelight it deserves. 

All cakes are painted by 10 bloom cakes.
What Is a Wedding Cake That Has Been "Hand-Painted"?

When it comes to hand-painting cakes, there are a variety of ways to choose from. Most (if not all) ways include creating a paint by mixing edible food colouring with another edible media and then painting a design onto a frosted cake using a paintbrush. In theory, this appears to be pretty plain and straightforward.

Professional cake decorators use vodka (or occasionally boiled water) to create a watercolour look and cocoa butter to give a more solid impression when hand-painting. Both of these techniques enable talented cake decorators to produce works of art that would be at home in a gallery.

Another technique that is gaining popularity and respect is creating more textured, nearly three-dimensional ‘paint.' The food colouring combination thickens when used as a basis with butter-icing or royal icing. It has a tactile appearance when put on a cake, similar to that of an oil painting.
Hand-painted cakes allow customers to truly show their personality and flair through their choice of design, literally making their mark on their wedding, birthday, bridal shower, baby shower, thanks to the variety of painting techniques available. The appeal of hand-painted cakes is thus due to the refreshingly large range of design options it offers up, rather than the notion itself.


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