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Femme Luxe Blue Organza Puff Sleeve Plunge Bodycon Mini Dress Review

Summer is officially gone. Summer was fun, went by so fast. It's already getting really cold and I can't help but acknowledge the fact that summer is over tho one of the best parts for me, was going out in the evenings and summer afternoons wearing a beautiful dress and looking all fly.

On Saturday, I actually wanted to go out by 4:30 pm. I dressed up, had my face touched up, looking all good and I wore this dress. The weather wasn't exactly friendly but it wasn't so cold when I left the house. I wanted to take photos of this dress so I wore a jacket to cover my upper body but my legs were exposed. I went to a restaurant to have lunch, I had a burger which wasn't the best burger, it was just an overpriced tasteless meal, you can hardly find a good restaurant in this modern time.

After eating I left the restaurant. I took a walk to where I wanted to take the photos. I got there the sun was still shining which helped me stay warm even when I took off my bomber jacket. The funny part of that day was that when I finished taking the pictures, I was trying to control myself from shaking because I was already very cold. Goodbye to summer as we are already in autumn which is one of the hardest parts of the year for me.

Throughout the summer period, I wore dresses that compliment my body type. Femmeluxe is every girl's go-to online wardrobe. They basically give every girl access to the latest fashion trends designs and styles on a very reasonable budget. The striking and most commendable attribute of this business brand is that even though they have free mass measurement patterns, the measurements are always accurate, I mean for a size small you actually get a size small dress that suits you.

I think what makes a dress perfect is the fitting and the style of the dress. This dress has a nice fit which really compliments my body. The color is everything I mean it glitters when you are under the sun and you will love this dress even more. It has a dark color tone but yet so vibrant. This is one of my favorite dresses from Femme luxe.

If you are looking to purchase this dress head over to femme luxe to purchase this Blue Organza Puff Sleeve Plunge Bodycon Mini Dress - Bannon. It is on discount now, go grab yours. 


  1. You look fabulous in this dress!

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  2. You are looking stunning in this dress.

  3. What a way to say so long to summer! That dress is incredible. I love the design and of course, that gorgeous fabric. Such a fantastic look.
    the creation of beauty is art.

  4. The dress looks really amazing on you 😍. You are so beautiful 🤩

  5. Looking fit and fab, Melody! This color suits you xx


  6. That dress is very beautiful and your photos are amazing. You look gorgeous wearing it.

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  7. You are looking amazing
    hope you have an amazing weekend,

  8. You are so beautiful! Of course the outfit is amazing but it’s you that really makes it shine!


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