March 1, 2020

Join the movement! Bridge the Gap for Girls

You might be surprised to hear that even now, in 2020, girls around the world are facing gender-based discrimination, violence and child marriage. Here’s your chance to do something about it.

Walk with us! Join our Bridge Challenge! Learn more.

Encourage girls to speak out!

Challenge unfair laws, policies and norms!

Save the Children puts gender equality at the heart of everything we do.
As the world’s leading expert on childhood, we start right from birth, giving children a healthy start. Since 2000, we’ve helped achieve a 25% decline in child marriage worldwide – and empowered 11 million girls to stay in school. (Educated girls are more likely to transition to a career and decide for themselves when they’re ready for marriage and motherhood.) And we work with boys, men and parents too, to fight gender bias in families.

Watch for more news from our gender equality team in celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8. Together we can bridge the gap between the challenges girls face and the futures they deserve.

Save the Children.
Photo by Dazzle Jam from Pexels

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