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Orange colored dress

Wondering how to style your denim jacket, apart from the regular jeans-style then keep reading.
A denim jacket is essential which goes with lots of outfits. I never noticed i didn't have a regular blue denim jacket until last month, so i got this one from Banggood (also available here) the hard denim texture is what I like about the jacket.


Last two months i just started loving lace-up heels so much, i got so obsessed that i wore my lace-ups more often. I also decided to add a few laces to my shoe collection, like my Blue strappy lace-up zipper heels, from Casnaboty, which is so comfortable and can be worn with an evening dress, as a party shoe and also perfect for a festive shoe. The heel is a needle style and the material is made of eco-leather.


It is Well designed to fit and add so much fun with the fancy bindings. The shoes are a royal blue, which is a perfect shade to own. My dress is a gift from my Big sis. Casnaboty's new summer collection is out, go check it out, purchase durable shoes, and make summer fun.

Vintage model wearing a denim jacket

Here are my suggestions
1 Bodycon dress ; Just like I styled mine with strappy heels looking chic and sexy.
2)Skater skirt and tank top, casual, minimal and stylish look.
3) Pencil skirt : Girly look and a sleekly touch
4) Fitted flare dress

Thank you for stopping by, how would you style your denim jacket, please leave a comment below.
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Denim jackets

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Sexy girl wearing an orange dress

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