Friday, June 12


                                          * Peaches rose grey: Chic and mild look
Lots of reasons why you need sunglasses, both fashion and health-wise. This generally maintaining long- term eye health.

1. UV protection: Uv radiation from the sun causes cataract, benign growth of the eye surface. Hats and caps cover 50 per cent, which is not enough as advised my the optometrist.
2. Being comfortable is one thing everyone wants, wearing a sunshade during a sunny day, help you to avoid squinting which causes the eyes to water and much squinting can cause wrinkle around the eyes.
3. Adds beauty and style to your outfit.
4. Protects your eyes from debris, most especially during outdoor activities.
5. All seasons are can be harsh to our eyes, wearing sunshades can help reduce it.

Now wondering where you can get sunshades with 400UV protection, nice shapes, trendy, stylish, durable and affordable? no other place than Giant vintage, which aims is to promote healthy eyes, lower the rate my problems, bringing you the latest styles.
The link to each sunglasses will be put below each picture, so check me out and go get your choice, with a 25% discount use LOLLY25.
                   * Goldie frost: Trendy and gorgeous look

             *Honeycomb pink: Creativity shown here, detachable comb arms.

                                           * Boop dark: Stylish x shaped glasses
                            *Canary multicoloured: Looks good on every outfit.
                                   *Alexa amber: Slightly mirrored glass giving that hot look

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