Avocado green is such a natural color which is a bit hit in the fashion industry. The color avocado with hexadecimal color code #568203 is a medium-dark shade of green. The RGB color model #568203 is comprised of 33.73% red, 50.98% green, and 1.18% blue. The HSL color space #568203 has a hue of 81° (degrees), 95% saturation, and 26% lightness. This color is very easy to style when paired with the right accessories.

Here are different ways to combine Avocado green to look good and fashionable. One of the best ways to wear this color trend is by mixing different tones of the avocado green shades.

1. Light green cardigan and deep green flare pants.

2. Avacado green suede jacket and two-tone trouser.

3. Long coat and bag.

Green coat


Let us start the year 2021 in a mouth-watering style. Celebrating with family, loved ones, and friends is a perfect way to start the year why shaking off those negative energies of 2020. These beautiful cookie designs are best to celebrate the New Year in style. Here are 7 charming cookies to start your year.



I am happy about the New Year. Just to start with, here's the second article in the new year and I will like to know the first meal you had in 2021?

Still in the festive spirit, wishing you a happy new year.

On behave of Melody Jacob Blog, we wish you a happy new year. Welcome to 2021. Happy new year to you. God bless you and keep you strong in this stress-free new year.

Welcome to 2021
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I am excited about the year 2021. I am so grateful to God for all he has done for me. I am especially thankful for the gift of life and the strength to carry on despite the ups and downs.

Here's my best moment of 2020

I was going about my daily life and my sister sent me a message on WhatsApp saying my Dad was dead, I broke down immediately, my heart broke into pieces, I could hardly believe it and I was in the cold but I was hot. I couldn't stand, I cried and I felt a gap in my heart at that point. Hours later I confirmed that it was a typo error from my sister. I called my Dad and he answered the phone and said he was fine. 

What was your best Memory of 2020? Share with us in the comment bar below.

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