Home decor is super exciting, yet you get confused along the line especially if you are decorating your home interior without an interior decorator. I have been trying to pick out the perfect light for the living room and It is has been difficult deciding which. Being that I trust you all, please help me pick out which Chandelier lights are perfect for a living room.

Please, kindly take a good look at these lights and tell me your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice. I want to purchase 2 so please kindly help me out.
Sleek minimalist interior decoration furniture placement helps a house, home or hotel to look spacious and well put together. It increases productivity and activeness. Simple furniture designs are available online for purchase and to get more inspiration to visit pixel photos for more.

Minimalist home interior decoration inspiration showcases a home well designed at its simple form. It portrays a living home decor which involves detailed and well-placed items, less crowded home with a modern touch of simplicity and class. Below is a collection of simple home decor ideas.

Photo by armin djuhic 
Photo by Jason Briscoe 


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