A great coat is an essential element of your style in cold weather and it’s one of the most important buying decisions you will make this season. A good coat can truly elevate your style. 
It can set your style mood or even pull your look together on a day that you don’t really feel like dressing up so much.
A good coat will make an entrance and leave an impression. Plus, you will wear it many times over the season. Enough good reasons to buy a really good one! Let’s explore how to choose a coat and select the right one for your style.

1 When choosing a coat it’s good to consider your body type. Try to determine where the bulk of the coat is and how that affects your figure.

2 Even if you are normally a neutrals person, a colored coat would make a really good addition and fit well with all your neutral outfits. We need to brighten up those dark streets in winter ladies. Sometimes it’s good to always have one black or very neutral coat (wardrobe essential).

3 The thickness of your jacket really matters. Do you get cold easily? you need to put this into consideration. What kind of Job and How long do you stay out? Or will it mainly be used in already heated trains or buses? consider the thickness of the coat. This will help determine how comfortable you can be.

4 For me quality over quantity Always. Try to invest in Good quality coats. A good coat can last you several years so it is often worth it. You may choose to go for lower quality when it comes to very fashionable coats. To determine the quality, check the lining and finishes of the coat. They are usually good indicators.

5 Fitting is very important, most especially for those purchasing high quality expensive coats.
Be sure to get a good fit from the shoulders. It should hang straight down.
Make sure there is enough room through the armholes.
Make sure that any seams, pleats closures or pockets lie flat and that the hem is even.
Coats with full arm lengths should cover the wrists.
Close the coat completely and make sure it does not pull anywhere.
Make sure you can move around in your coat comfortably. Walk a bit and sit down and ensure that the fit and weight suits you.

6 It’s always good to have at least one neutral coat in your wardrobe or perhaps two. A black or dark navy coat is very practical in climates where the weather is wet or unpredictable. Be sure to have a good assortment of brighter colored or light scarves though to brighten up your face.
Belts over jacket gives a sophisticated touch. You can try it with fall jackets, as well as on maxi winter coats. You can use any kind of belt, you can try basically anything.

Flare Yoga pants are so lovely and classy. Burgundy is one of my favorite color and stands out as on of falls colors. I wanted a warm look, so I added my Black wool hoodY coat belting it to give a more stylish look. The belt over jacket trend is one of falls fashion trend for 2016-2017.
  •  So this one still from Betabrand, is a convertible bag that can be worn across your body or like a backpack.
  • It is Made from a water-resistant polyurethane-coated twill, making it versatile for all weather conditions. To clean, Spot clean with a damp cloth.
  • It has Multiple interior pockets in the main compartment, plus a zippered side pocket.
  • Fits 13" laptop.
  • Mesh foam back panel.
  • Logo zipper pulls.
  • 23-liter carrying capacity.
  • Backpack straps tuck away for easy stowage.
  • Measurements: 12.5" (length) x 6.5" (wide) x 16.25" (height).
The Grey Storrist pack from Beta Brand, is not only comfortable but stylish. It has a 48-liter storage capacity. This pack is designed to keep your camera and every other delicate items well protected. It is durable which deals more with the material, hard and made with high quality fabric.
Before purchasing a travel bag check how comfortable it is, also size the bag by checking length and adjustments. It features reflective detailing.

Now that your delicate items are well protected, what about when it starts raining? or during an escape moment that involves swimming,  this bag is water resistant, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. A space have been provided for your laptop, the outer design also gives you a space to attach your mat and other items.
I have always wanted a bag that features all these qualities. The comfort of carrying one bag, that has the right space to put everything and know that it is well protected is an added peace to the mind. Beta Brand cares for your travel, you can also purchase travel jackets and the most comfortable travel shoes which is on my wishlist for next month.
This bag is available in three colors, Grey for versatility, Yellow for a lively colorful travel, and the green for a stylish and trendy travel.
Visit BetaBrand.com for more details.


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